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Our Three Favorite Nantucket Beaches

It is no secret that Nantucket's shores are some of the best beaches in the world. Visitors from all over come to spend their days in the sun, basking on a sandbar, riding the waves, barbecuing and much more. Each beach is unique in its own way, which is perhaps why Nantucket is so special. We're sharing our top three picks and why. 

By Boat: Coatue

Coatue is one of the more remote beaches on Nantucket since it requires a boat or four wheel drive vehicle. It is worth the extra effort since you will most always be able to find a stretch of beach without anyone on it. Pack everything you need from a grill to bug spray and snorkels so that you can maximize your time while you are out there. You will really feel as if you accomplished a full day of relaxing as you head back across the harbor with the setting sun.

By Foot: Steps Beach

This peaceful north shore beach is accessible by a long descend down a wooden flight of steps, making it less crowded than its sister beach- Jetties.  The calm waters make it the perfect spot to wade in the ocean and watch the ferries come and go. A best kept secret is to visit Steps in the evenings of early August to swim in the glowing phosphorescence.

By Car: Nobadeer 

Known for its good surfing and party atmosphere, Nobadeer is accessible to vehicles, making it convenient to drive on and set up for a day of swimming and picnicking.  If you drive farther down the beach “to the end” you will find large groups of families grilling and playing games of frisbee and football. And if you are lucky, you will be treated to a show of whales breaching in the distance.