We Are Weavers

Honoring the Tradition of Handweaving

"Being a textile artist is understanding that the fiber you are working with may not always act the same every time. Knowing how to troubleshoot and adapt your project accordingly is all part of the artist's skill level.” -Rebecca Peraner, Head Weaver & Part-owner

Upholding Fine Craftsmanship

Each handwoven textiles starts with the winding of the bobbins, the threading the warp and the passing of the shuttle. Accent colors are delicately incorporated into each textile allowing the weaver to add their personal touch. The end result is a purposeful work of art.


Inspired by Nantucket’s own colors found in her sea, in the moors and in the ever changing sky; our textiles reflect these beautiful tones that come with each season.

The Fibers

Using only quality, all-natural fibers ensures our handwovens have practical, enduring beauty that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.