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4 Reasons to Love our Handwoven Wraps and Ponchos

4 Reasons to Love our Handwoven Wraps and Ponchos

There is nothing more luxurious than curling up under a cashmere poncho when dining under the stars or wrapping yourself in alpaca and silk while taking a walk on the beach on a brisk day. Read below to see what makes our handwoven wraps and ponchos unique. 

1. We are known for our iconic style. As our brand celebrates it's 50th year of business, our style continues to stand the test of time in both quality and tradition.

2. Jackie Onassis, Bunny Mellon and Princess Grace were among our customers.

3. Our ponchos and wraps are wearable pieces of art, woven and finished by hand on Main Street, Nantucket in the same tradition since 1968. Each handwoven textiles starts with the winding of the bobbins, the threading of the warp and the passing of the shuttle. See the process

4. Using only quality, all-natural fibers ensures our handwovens have practical, enduring beauty that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Read more about our fibers

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