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Four Reasons To Love Our Handwovens

Four Reasons To Love Our Handwovens

From concept to production, our handwoven products are created on Nantucket. Inspired by the seasons and colors of the island, our handwovens truly represent the enduring beauty of Nantucket. 

Our handwovens are available in a variety of fibers, textures and colors. Each fiber has it's own unique qualities, like the luxurious warmth of cashmere and the hypoallergenic qualities and softness of alpaca

While browsing our store on Main Street, Nantucket, the sound of weavers working on old wooden Macomber looms fills the air. In the same tradition since 1968, our weavers work year round, by hand, to create the handwoven products you know and love. 

Our throws are customizable. Master weaver, Becky Peraner will work closely with you to design your own custom throw. Choose your fibers, colors and patterns and let us bring your one-of-a-kind throw to life.