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Design A Nantucket Looms Retreat From The Cold

Design A Nantucket Looms Retreat From The Cold

Simple yet elegant, neutral but full of curiosities, Nantucket Looms style is inspired by the natural (though never dull!) environment of our island. Ever changing with the seasons, Nantucket offers us endless inspiration for design. Fresh, comfortable with a sense of 'island time', Nantucket Looms style is reminiscent of the sound of the waves at you favorite beach, Sunday afternoon strolls on Main Street and your collections of wild flowers picked from the island's many walking trails. Though summertime comes to mind for many when we think about Nantucket, the tranquility of winter and the moody grey color palette that surrounds us provides the Nantucket Looms Design Team with abundant inspiration for their work. Here, they share with us their tips for designing your own retreat from the cold, 'Grey Lady' days. 
1. Start with a signature color.
Nantucket Looms style typically maintains a neutral color palette. Often, the neutral interior paint schemes are coupled with natural, wooden floors. Our Design Team suggests adding a signature color to carry through your design. “Determine a color that can be carried throughout the room. It can found in your fabrics, in a piece of art or in your favorite throw".

2. Add some functional art.
Once a color palette has been chosen, it is time to have fun with the space. Our Design Team loves to fuse art and function when decorating a room. "Choose items that are both purposeful and beautiful, such as handwoven throws and handcrafted rugs - art that is made to be enjoyed every day". 

3. Winter retreat accessories. 
Take it a step further and accessorize. Nantucket Looms style traditionally features interesting objets d’art and locally made crafts like baskets, boat models, wood carvings, ceramics and antiques. "Choose your accessories carefully. Every item should have it's own story to tell".