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Designer Picks: Stormy Blue

Designer Picks: Stormy Blue

The new year is a wonderful time to refresh with new colors and collections. While much of what we hear about Nantucket refers to summertime, winter also provides us with an abundance of inspiration for our handwovens and interior design. Nantucket Looms master weaver Becky Peraner was inspired by the moody colors of the stormy ocean when she created the  latest 'Stormy Blue' handwoven collection. When designing a space, the Nantucket Looms design team loves to incorporate handwovens from the Looms. The 'Stormy Blue' handwoven collection provided a perfect opportunity to curate collections inspired by this color palette. Learn more below about how our head interior designer Stephanie Hall curated her 'Stormy Blue'  collections for the home.

“Not every piece of furniture in a room needs to make a statement. By staying with a neutral palette for your walls, floors and larger pieces of furniture you will have more flexibility to layer with bold accents pillows, colorful throws and expressive pieces of art.

“The areas of the house where food is shared and enjoyed tends to be the most sentimental. It just seems fitting to set a table that is adorned with pottery and handwoven linens that have been lovingly crafted, similar to the food that has been prepared.”

“Although bathrooms tend to get overlooked by being thought of as a necessary room in the house, there is plenty of opportunity to make the space inviting with a special piece of artwork, soft towels, fragrant soaps and lotions and a bathmat that is practical yet beautiful.”