What's New at 51 Main Street

While winter gives us time for a brief pause and an opportunity to become reinspired, spring is the moment it all comes alive. As warmer weather becomes more common and Nantucket's landscapes blossom with new growth, our shop is refreshed as well. Restocked with new furniture, home accessories, artwork, found antiques and island keepsakes, our shop at 51 Main Street is ready to welcome a new season. It is a cycle that we have been a part of for over five decades and it is the traditions that come with each season that we love best about island living.

In January, after we have sold much of our inventory, we take the opportunity of having a near empty shop to touch up paint, dust off hard to reach corners and survey our blank canvas of a space. We spend this time placing orders with familiar vendors, discovering one-of-a-kind curiosities and finding our new favorite items of the season. This year, with many of the trade shows going virtual because of COVID, it has presented new challenges in sourcing merchandise. While nothing can take the place of seeing and touching the merchandise, our vendors have helped us discover new ways to source and we have placed our orders earlier this year, allowing us to “set up shop” two months ahead of schedule! Our beautiful private label furniture is here in warm neutrals, crisp white, and nautical shades. Paired with carefully selected rugs, decor, pillows, artwork and more, each curated vignette is intended to help you envision our pieces in your own home.

Throughout our shop, you can feel the five decades worth of influence instilled by our original founders, Andy Oates and Bill Euler, and of course, Liz Winship. It has been Liz’s lessons of pairing something elegant with something unusual to keep a room interesting and to always redesign the shop as frequently as possible. Whether it's the found object nestled in a vignette that could have easily been right at home at our first location at 16 Main Street, or our contemporary furniture that always exhibit our relaxed yet elegant sensibility, in 2021, we remain tied to our roots while stepping into the future of island living.

Afternoon Dune

Windowpane Cashmere Throw


Tussock Rug

Marina Rug

Melville the Whale

Mint Nesting Bowls

Nantucket Board

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