Bringing Sustainability to the Table

Surrounded by the sea, the ecosystem it harbors, and our exquisite shorelines, we are continually reminded to protect what Mother Nature has gifted us. As 2020 became the year that paper products ran out, the call to cut back on single-use products in favor of re-usable linens was clear.

We put our cloth napkins and dish towels to work on our dinner tables and in our kitchens. While staying home, we experimented with new recipes, cradling hot casserole dishes and pans with a Handwoven Kitchen Towel and wiping the glass rim of our "house-made" craft cocktail with a Cotton Napkin. Along with our tables, a new rhythm was set- a rhythm carried by the silverware we laid over a politely folded dinner napkin and marked by each dish dried. Between these moments, we found comfort in life's simple pleasures- in the small task of setting the table for the family to gather around, enjoying home cooked cuisine and the short rest just before dessert. Each dinner was made more special by incorporating luxurious items into our everyday, no longer reserving them only for elegant dinners. We also took pride in the fact that we were doing a little something to add to the sustainability of our environment.

We have committed ourselves to being more mindful of using our quality dinner napkins and paper towels, even now that life has returned to something more familiar. Choosing the more earth-friendly option is our new way to create a life well lived.

What makes our dinner napkins & kitchen towels more sustainable?
Beautiful. Purposeful. Reusable.

Built to withstand several washes, toss them in the wash at the end of the day, not the trash. Using cloth napkins at every meal is one of our favorite ways to limit the amount of trash we generate on a daily basis.

We like to keep the design of our best cotton napkins simple and timeless, reflecting our timeless style sensibility. Our dinner napkins are made of high quality cotton, woven to create a dense thickness that guarantees durability. If you look closely, you can see the slub that gives these classic patterns extra dimension and maintains a sense of casual ease- good company at any dinner table.

Cotton Dinner Napkins

Gray Pinstripe

Oatmeal Stripe

Blue & Gray Stripe


Navy Pinstripe

Mindfully Made

When our weavers sit down to make our exquisite kitchen towels, they use leftover bobbins from previous projects to create elegant color pairings and stripe patterns in their designs. Nothing is left to waste. With this intention, our weavers are inspired to create assortments of whimsical color pairings and stripes.

Simple & Lasting

Our best-selling kitchen towels are created following the same principles Nantucket Looms first established back in 1968. Each one is made to be as elegant as it is practical, individually handcrafted by our master weavers at 51 Main Street. Highly absorbent and durable, they are designed to withstand heavy use and frequent laundering while remaining wonderfully soft to the touch. A true delight for busy hands.

Kitchen Towels

Cedar Gray

Ivory & Ocean

Created in connection to nature



Red Currant

Place settings meant for a lifetime of gatherings around the table

Handwoven Placemats

Blanche Dinner Collection

Easton Flatware

Rope Napkin Ring

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