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Three Reasons to Become a Collector of Antiques and Vintage Pieces

Three Reasons to Become a Collector of Antiques and Vintage Pieces

On an island rich with history and folklore, it’s no wonder that searching for treasures is a favorite past-time of visitors and residents alike. What once held a close association with collections that were found in your grandmother’s house (i.e. the porcelain doll) or a reluctant half hour spent inside a musty second hand’s shop, the art of collecting has blossomed beyond the dust and cobwebs into an interior design hobby that patrons of all ages are enjoying; and the best part about it is that it comes with very few rules. As long as it’s 20+ years old (vintage), 100+ years old (antique), and something that strikes you as special, it’s worth finding a place for it in your home. Beyond the fun of finding, we have found three reasons to collect antique and vintage pieces that will keep you treasure hunting for years to come.

Sustainably Conscious

By giving new life to old objects, the art of antiquing and collecting vintage finds helps to reduce the waste that comes from always buying new, and helps to conserve our natural resources.
Antiquing is also more often locally enjoyed, and involves the patronage of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Therefore, you not only are reusing pieces and avoiding the creation of more waste, you are supporting both a local retailer and your local economy.


Unlike the mass-produced items of our modern time, antique pieces created years ago were not only made in smaller quantities, but were created with unique variations, due to less regimented production processes. Not only will your antique pieces stand unique as their counterparts are surely scattered far and beyond all these years later, but their very existence is unique to itself and the craftsmanship style of the day.

Representative of You

Antiques and vintage pieces represent your unique style and often tell their own story, adding interest to your space. By choosing antique pieces that appeal to you and reflect your individual style, you are creating personalized home decor that can't be duplicated by anyone else. Additionally, antiques can be mixed and matched with contemporary items to create a personalized, eclectic style that is entirely your own.
As a company that was founded with the goal to promote the tradition of heirloom craftsmanship, we continue to hold ourselves to a certain standard that allows our pieces to be loved, used, repaired, and passed on for generations. We hope your curated, timeworn pieces will prompt meaningful conversation, lend a unique flare to your interior decor, and bring joy to all who fill your home.

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