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The Boatneck Sweater: A Nantucket Classic Since 1969

The Boatneck Sweater: A Nantucket Classic Since 1969

An island wardrobe staple since the 1969, the Nantucket Looms Boatneck Sweater is a timeless classic. Effortlessly stylish with its boat neck and saddle stitch shoulder, the sweater has endured for over five decades and has become an iconic piece of a coastal-inspired wardrobe for both locals and visitors.

Designed by Nantucket Looms founders Bill Euler and Andy Oates, the 100% cotton sweater was first introduced in the natural cream color, eventually becoming so popular that two additional colors were later added - solid navy and a stripe. In recent years, the fourth color, gray, blended with a little linen, was introduced, a tribute to the island’s Grey Lady moniker. 

"It was a real style," says Nantucket Looms' Liz Winship, who remembers it as a staple even when she began working at the Looms in 1974. "Even Jackie Kennedy had one from us - it is a classic!" 

Nantucket Looms Boat Neck Sweater for Men
Designed to be a more stylish solution to the Nantucket sweatshirt, the boatneck sweater was originally intended to be worn on its own, slightly fitted. But just like a favorite pair of blue jeans, the sweater has easily transcended both time and trend to be easily adapted to personal styling preferences. Featured in Vogue magazine, it's comfortable enough to wear while out for a walk or dress it up for an evening out to dinner. The versatility of the sweater is limitless, pairing nicely with our handwoven scarves and wraps for chillier occasions. 
Nantucket Looms Boat Neck Sweater for Men for Women for Kids

I once saw a petite woman wearing the sweater in a size large with a collared shirt flipped up and the cuffs rolled over the sweater. It made it look like an entirely different sweater. So, I bought myself a large navy sweater right away and copied her.” - Nantucket Looms' Bess Clarke.  

Regardless of size, color, or styling, the Nantucket Looms Boatneck Sweater remains timeless and classic, much like Nantucket Island itself.

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