The 5 Best Blankets for Winter

As winter brings its waves of sharp winds and occasional snow storms, we reach for what brings us tranquility and comfort as we settle in at home for the season. In these next few months, we will fill our homes with warmth and softness as decorous style makes way for functional comfort. With hardy soups and warm teas comes our favorite winter essential, a luxurious handwoven blanket- the best accessory for welcoming winter's chill.

While all our fibers-alpaca, cashmere, cotton and mohair- make for ideal winter blankets, each fiber possesses a unique set of characteristics. From the warmest to the heaviest to the lightest, there is a blanket for everyone’s preference. All of our blankets are 4’x7', a size fit for everywhere in your home including your favorite chair to a king sized bed. As every blanket is hand woven with artistry and care from start to finish, they are guaranteed to bring you luxurious enjoyment for years to come.

We are sharing our 5 best blankets for winter to help keep you cozy and find the most suitable for wherever you live.

1. Buffalo Check Alpaca Throw

The Fiber: Alpaca is our thickest blanket and a company favorite. Referred by our Head Weaver Rebecca Peraner as "our version of the weighted blanket", it possesses a cashmere-like softness. The extra weight of the Alpaca Throw allows for it to naturally fall where it is draped, always looking perfectly styled on your sofa or bed. Alpaca is our favorite blanket for winter.

Sourced from the New World Camelid, Alpaca's natural structure creates air pockets within the fiber that trap in heat in cold weather and release heat in warm temperatures. A blanket crafted to be enjoyed year round.

The Design: The Buffalo Check pattern is eponymous with winter and fireside nights whether indoors or out, which is why this is an easy favorite for the season.

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2. Slate Gray Cashmere Throw

The Fiber:Opulent is our favorite way to describe our softest and one of our warmest throws- the cashmere throw. Made from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, our cashmere throws are ultra lightweight. Perfect for those who like a lighter layering effect but with no loss of warmth as cashmere is eight times warmer than sheep's wool.

The Design: Our weavers opt for simple designs when weaving cashmere and, instead, hone their creative energies exploring their use of color from subtle shades to saturated hues. If you look closely, however, you will find that each throw is woven using a rather complicated chevron structure comprised of several shades of the same color. The Slate Gray, for example, is woven using a combination of neutral, dark, and bluish grays for an overall effect that is as dynamic as the Grey Lady herself.

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3. Oyster Cashmere Throw

As one of our favorite fibers, we wanted to add another cashmere throw to the list. Woven using the chevron weave and a blend of several subtly different pale neutrals including gray and oatmeal, the Oyster Cashmere Throw brings more subdued energy and calming softness to a space, making it the perfect winter blanket for your bedroom. Your personal at-home oasis deserves only the best, and we can guarantee the lightweight and ultra-soft feel will bring a special element of luxury to your bedroom.

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4. Rose Quartz Mohair Throw

The Fiber: Mohair is both lightweight and ultra-warm and features a dramatic high pile composition and nearly translucent quality when held up to the light. It is often referred to as "the fluffy one". Our mohair throws are dear to our hearts as they have been our signature throw since Nantucket Looms was first opened in 1968.

The Design: The designs of our mohair throw are known for their variety of accent ribbons and colors. Mohair naturally has the ability to hold bright colorful dyes, allowing us to weave rich jewel tone shades, such as Ruby Red and the Jade Green, to the softer shades, such as Ivory or the Rose Quartz.

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5. Mariner Blue Cotton Throw

The Fiber: For those who prefer a more versatile blanket that can be enjoyed in a variety of climates, our cotton throws offer an extra layer of softness and warmth. Made using cotton sourced from North Carolina, these throws are designed in various patterns, weave structures and colors.

The Design: Strong and soulful like the ocean, the Mariner Blue Throw is inspired by Nantucket's surrounding waters. This winter blanket is designed to combat the bleakness of the season with the bright blue paired with an ivory fill keeping the overall color light and bright. A reminder that summer is always just around the corner.

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