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Costumes, Candy and Cobblestones - Halloween on Main Street

Costumes, Candy and Cobblestones - Halloween on Main Street

We love Halloween here at Nantucket Looms so for us the Annual Halloween Parade and Costume Pageant is one of the great perks of our Main Street location. 

Every year, hundreds of children (and some adults) dress up in costume and meet downtown for the Halloween Parade and Pageant. The parade begins at 5pm, when an array of ghosts, witches and movie characters parade up Main Street. It is a special island tradition bringing together the community,  all in the name of spookiness in the heart of historic downtown Nantucket.

At Nantucket Looms, we have been enjoying the festivities all week preparing our Halloween window display and trying not to eat all the candy we collected for the trick-or-treaters. Judging by our empty candy bucket at 6pm, the trick-or-treaters had plenty of treats! And, if you knew the secret password, you might have been invited in to the store for grown-ups treats (it wasn't a free box of soap).

Liz, our in-house witch (just kidding!) has always gone the extra mile by wearing the most mismatched costume possible, which typically consists of a bad wig, elf ears and fang teeth. She certainly keeps us guessing as to what she is meant to be! 

Halloween on Main Street Nantucket brings people of all ages to town not to shop, but to smile, laugh and celebrate where we live. And for that, it is a truly hallow-ed evening.