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Fresh Flower Thursdays

Fresh Flower Thursdays

It must be Thursday now that our beautiful fresh flower arrangements have arrived!

Every week our multi-talented Mary Beth Ferro, sources her flowers from local vendors such as Moors End Farm, Berry Patch Farm and from the mainland-most often California. Mary Beth’s designs incorporate fresh fruits and berries such as figs, limes persimmons and kumquat paired with an eclectic mix of hydrangeas, chocolate cosmos, zineas and queen anne’s lace. These unusual arrangements are only available during the summer months given the abundance of fresh flowers.

This year, while on a buying trip for Nantucket Looms, Mary Beth came across vintage French honey pots, which she is using to sell her arrangements in. Scouring the island’s estate sales, Mary Beth has a keen eye for finding interesting and unusual vessels to display her flowers, a keep sake to enjoy after the flowers are gone.

Stop by 51 Main Street Thursday mornings to see Mary Beth’s latest creations or feel free to contact her for your special occasions and weddings.