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Featured Artist: Rebecca Jusko Peraner

Featured Artist: Rebecca Jusko Peraner

Since 1968, Nantucket Looms has been proud to represent our local craftspeople. We carry the works of over seventy different artisans, including painters, potters, basket weavers, jewelry makers and wood carvers. To honor those whose unique creations reflect the natural beauty and history of our beloved island, we will highlight an artist on our website every month. This month, meet Rebecca Jusko Peraner.

Inspired by her love of Nantucket and all things woven, Rebecca Jusko Peraner discovered her passion for weaving during her studies at Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in Textile Design. After apprenticing under Master Weaver Andy Oates at Nantucket Looms between 1991-1995, Becky settled permanently on the island. She continued to hone her craft by following in the tradition at Nantucket Looms of working with all natural fibers including mohair, alpaca, cotton, cashmere and silk, producing simple but elegant weave structures that can be found in the Looms’ popular throws, scarves and upholstery fabrics.

When Becky’s mother, Jean, visits from Connecticut, they like to take long walks on the beach with Becky’s two daughters, Julia, 10 and Suzanne, 8.

Raised in a home where eclectic finds and antique collectibles are treasured, Becky started to build sizable collections of unique items like sea shells, watch parts and sea glass.

These pieces would eventually find their way into Becky’s tapestries - a side hobby that has developed into a weekend career. Produced on a small 3’ loom, Becky weaves delicate strands of yarn, then carefully places the collections into the weave structure. They are then framed and sold at Nantucket Looms.

Perhaps the most popular of Becky’s tapestries is her scallop vignette, adored by those who crave the tasty morsels or simply appreciate the shades of grey and brown shades of the shell. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 10x10 to 11x25, Becky’s tapestries make for a perfect wedding gift or housewarming present. And if you have your own special collection of treasures, Becky takes custom orders and will create an heirloom of your own. 


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