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Easy Entertaining Essentials

Easy Entertaining Essentials

Entertaining is something that the ladies at the Looms love to do. Whether it be beach BBQs, Sunday suppers or a celebratory dinner party, there are plenty of ways to keep things simple yet, sophisticated. 

Below, Bess Clarke shares her favorite entertaining essentials. She proves there’s always time to add a little style and practicality to your life, especially when it’s as easy as this. 

Tip #1:  Use “real” napkins

Woven cotton napkins, leave the paper behind:  A firm believer in cloth napkins, my mother taught me every meal should be worthy of the napkin-on-your-lap rule, and that the napkin should always be “real”. Woven cotton napkins like these don’t have to be saved just for special occasions. They are durable yet elegant and can be laundered on a daily basis. Present them at your table year-round, and slide them into napkin rings to avoid ironing (yay). 

 Tip #2:  Splatter up!

Splatterware, eye-catching serveware for every day: My aunt, who is a caterer, reminded me recently that we “eat with our eyes”, meaning presentation is everything. Not only should food taste good, but it should also look good. A great place to start is with your serving platters. Durable and beautiful for the table, our splatterware platters are highly functional, featuring a shatterproof enamel finish ideal for oven, stovetop and your outdoor grill, plus they’re dishwasher-safe. And with summer here, they’re perfect for packing up your potato salad when you head to the beach, or piling up meat from the grill during backyard barbeques. Rinse and repeat!


Tip #3: All hands on deck

Salad Hands, get grabbing: I once brought a pair of salad hands to a Yankee Swap over the holidays and watched as people fought over them for an hour. Not only was it amusing, but it reminded me how cool and practical these serving utensils are.


Tip #4:  Find your favorite

Mango Wood Bowl, a classic go-to piece: My parents owned the same salad bowl for over 25 years. Besides a small crack in the bottom, the bowl was indestructible. The patina had reached a dark shine after all the years of being coated with olive oil dressings. This mango salad bowl reminds me of that same bowl. Great for everyday use while adding some interest to your table.


All of these items, which can be used year-round, are certain to add a little simple sophistication to your daily life. And, with their high functionality and practicality, they really do make it easy to entertain, which also means more time to enjoy your own glass of wine!