2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide
8 Ways to Say 'Thank You, Mom'
Helping you narrow down the perfect gift by sharing our top picks

The question arises every year come May: what do you buy for the woman who taught you everything from how to cook to handling hardships; who created memories and provided comfort? For everything she taught and gave to you, you will be forever grateful. So how do we say 'thank you?'

This year, to help narrow down the search for the perfect gift, we're looking for inspiration within these lessons and memories garnered through the years. We're sharing with you our favorite life skills our mothers have taught us and how they've shaped our gift making decisions. Our hope is that this gift guide helps you to find the perfect Mother's Day gift that is as special as all that she has given you.

Marina & Sabrina, Weaver

"My mom fell in love with Northern Italian cuisine and cooking after meeting my dad, who is from Tuscany. She loves to cook and make my dad’s favorite meals, which she passed onto me. Now I make all the meals she made for my husband and son. Our favorite is Spezzatino.”

Her Gift

I'm going to gift my mom one of our Cashmere Wraps. She’s always wanted one- and I don’t blame her! I've just finished a project of wraps.

Sandi & Tracey, Designer

One of the most useful lessons I learned from my mother is the ‘Three Month Rule’: if ever in your life you are going through a rough time, don’t start to panic, just give it three months. After that time, if you’re still feeling the same way about it, then act on it. It has worked for me in every situation.

Her Gift

I would give my mom one of our handwoven scarves I would love for her to accessorize with something so soft and beautiful.

Jean & Becky, Partner & Master Weaver

My mom was and still is a major part of what I am doing today. She was an interior designer, so I grew up surrounded by fabric samples. I think her influence subconsciously made me love textiles that much more. She has always been a strong support of my pursuit of an education and career in the arts.

Her Gift

I would give her our Striped Heirloom Fabric Clutch. It's handy for carrying the essentials for a night out, but also the perfect size for her to carry around her sketchbook and watercolors day-to-day. I think it's also nice to gift her something made from the fabric I've woven.

Liz, former owner & Bess, Partner & CEO

My mom has been my biggest supporter. She has taught me that hard work paired with a sense of humor makes life rewarding and slightly hysterical.

Her Gift

As a bit of a joke, my mom has been called “Mother” by those who she has become closest to over the years. This started her collection of “Mother” themed curiosities, which she now displays in a special cabinet. Dale’s basket would fit perfectly.

Trina & Laura, Digital Marketing

I think the little things my Mam has done for me and my family over the years are the memories I cherish the most. Her constantly cleaning when the house is sparkling, cooking a home-made dinner every evening at 4:00pm for the entire family, bringing me to music & sport lessons, her funny text messages. I will always remember how much she sacrificed to make sure my siblings and I had a good childhood.

Her Gift

For all her delicious cooking & unnecessary cleaning, a good quality, thirsty Kitchen Towel that looks like a piece of art in her kitchen is the perfect gift for my mam. Her knowing that it was handwoven on Nantucket Island by one of the weavers at Nantucket Looms is the icing on the cake.

Thayer, Shop Manager & Beth

My mom is undoubtedly the strongest woman I know. There are far too many life lessons and tidbits of advice she has given me, it’d be impossible to name just one. But if I were to summarize it would be something like this:

Laugh lots

Don’t stack

Girls rule

Work hard

Elbows off the table

Laugh more

Her Gift

If I could pick one thing to gift my mom for Mother's Day, it would be the Midnight Blue Handwoven Cashmere Poncho. I gave her the Slate Gray Blue one for her 60th birthday and she LOVES it- she wears it all the time, for both daytime events and evening affairs.

Ellen & Tori, Weaver

As an only child, my mom is both my best friend and my rock- I don’t know what I would do without her. She taught me that never sweating the small stuff, learning when to let things go, and treating everyone how I want to be treated is the best way to create happiness in life.

Her Gift

I would give her an Alpaca Throw. One, because I love the softness, and two, because I made it! I would also include some soap, just because she loves it.

Lisa & Lindsay, Digital Marketing

Growing up, my mom was always coming up with something creative for my sisters and I to do-drawing games, plate coloring, or making clay stones for the garden. She taught us how to plant bulbs, how to create different table schemes for every holiday, and how to be resourceful to make something new out of what you already have. They are fun skills that I've taken with me through every phase of my life, from making my dorm room as unique as possible to now decorating my own home.

Her Gift

I would give my mom an Ed Wohl Bird's-Eye Maple Cutting Board. She is the queen of making charcuterie and cheese boards. I would love to give her a serving piece that is handcrafted and truly special.


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