At the Table with The Proprietors
Nantucket Looms and The Proprietors collaboration in honor of the Nantucket Wine and Food Festival

The Annual Nantucket Wine and Food Festival is this week and it is one of the island’s most anticipated festivals, where visitors and islanders alike can participate in the joy of eating and drinking. To get in the spirit, we teamed up with one of our favorite island bar and eateries, The Proprietors. We love the whimsical and colorful dishes that Chef Michael LaScola masterfully creates. Located on the cobblestones of India Street, The Proprietors' eclectic, rustic charm entices patrons to be adventurous with their ordering-perhaps a No.5 with High West American Prairie Bourbon, Rosemary Infused Classico, Pink Peppercorn & Grapefruit Cordial & Aperol paired with the Hamachi Crudo?

Using the backdrop of their oak bar and in their simple, yet elegant dining room, we photographed our newest line of tabletop accessories including dishes, runners, serving pieces and glassware. Cheers to the delightful pairing of two island businesses!

Photography: Barbara Clarke | Chef: Mike LaScola | Food Styling: Orla LaScola

When setting a table we feel that less is more-more room for food and wine. Therefore, let the pieces that are used be interesting and purposeful. We are excited to showcase our new Ripple Salad Plates paired with the Speckled Indigo Dinner Plate; the Wabi Sabi Bowl, our Handwoven Sky Blue & Gray Table Runner and the handcast Bronze Horseshoe Crab Bottle Opener, just to name a few.

Tasting Notes
Wines to Dine With: suggestions from the owner

"Over the years of working on our eclectic Wine List at The Proprietors, we have been lucky to make connections with some amazingly talented wine makers and wineries. We love to showcase wines that are showstoppers, both well known and less so. The focus is on excellence and uniqueness, The Mascot Wine wines from Will Harlan and The Schrader wines [pictured above] are some of the finest in the united states, we feel lucky to have made great connections with the wineries and pass the gift of having access to these wines, to our guests." -Orla LaScola, co-owner.

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