Rebecca Jusko Peraner

Bridgewater, CT

Rebecca Jusko Peraner discovered her passion for weaving at Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in Textile Design.

She apprenticed under Master Weaver, Andrew Oates at Nantucket Looms, where she settled and continued to hone her craft. In the evenings and on weekends, Becky can be found in her home studio creating handwoven tapestries incorporating special treasures. Becky combines her love of the ocean and all things eclectic with her skill of weaving to create unique tapestries.

People love Becky’s tapestries because they reflect a special person or place, such as a collection of fishing lures crafted with dad in mind or a scallop shell tapestry reminiscent of Nantucket.

Handwoven on a small loom using genuine shells collected from Nantucket's beaches, these pieces are truly special and unique to the island. Becky’s tapestries reflect her love of collecting all things eclectic that are then woven into works of art to be collected by those who fall in love with her work.