The time of the year has arrived to read a good book or watch the latest Netflix series and cook hearty meals for loved ones. During these days in the Northeast, when the winds gust over 60 mph and ice blankets the harbor, we crave what brings us comfort to combat the chilly winter months.

Bringing warmth into your home can be more than building a fire and curling up with your favorite throw blanket. It is about creating a winter retreat in your own home- a warm and inviting space where you truly enjoy spending time. In every home we design, we strive to create that environment through curated spaces filled with your favorite books, floral arrangements displayed in textural vases and sentimental antiques. When your space is styled with what you love, it becomes the place you want to be.

Our designer Brooke Gherardini describes this moment when, "there is nothing better than the sense of contentment you feel, sitting on your sofa, sipping a warm beverage, surrounded by your favorite things. That to me, is creating a warm and comforting home."

The designers here at Nantucket Looms have selected a collection of items that will help you create your perfect winter retreat. They have broken out these elements into three categories: textiles, culture & sculpture.

The Elements

Textiles like pillows and throws bring the soft and comforting element we think of when we crave warmth and comfort.

Their picks:

Wayfaring Gray Pillow: the soft curves and lighter palette complements some of the bolder shades in this look.

Hazy Horizon Throw: Alpaca is the softest and personal favorite of ours at Nantucket Looms. The soft gray-blue shade adds another color to this overall look, but is pale enough to still act as a neutral and not overpower the other deeper organic tones. The variegating lines create straight lines that play as contrast to to the meandering pattern of the pillow.

Wayfaring Gray Pillow

Hazy Horizon Alpaca Throw

Ocean Mod Pillow

Even Keel Alpaca Throw


Express yourself with subject matter such as artwork and coffee table books.

Their picks:

Living In: This Living In book is about beautiful home spaces; a reflection of loving and enjoying your home. Decoratively, the spine of a book can be treated as a display piece. It adds dimension with a pop of color and graphic visual.

Cisco to the Sea: We love artwork represents a classic Nantucket scene. It looks like a typical blustery winter day; one that makes you want to stay in and enjoy your home. It also feels symbolic of everything we love about this island: the expansive landscapes we’re always exploring, the unpredictable weather, even the wintertime that forces us to slow down, have a delicious meal and enjoy our indoor spaces.

Cisco to the Sea

Living In

Madaket Flats

Take a Bath


Include an unexpected element that serves as a beautiful keepsake and is a different way to incorporate colors and pattern that will continue to inspire you.

Their picks:

Kaleidoscope Box: The pattern is so striking, it draws you in. It is almost reminiscent of a textile, which softens the box's hard edges. Layered with the wooden bowl, it adds depth and interest to the space.

Bowl: This bowl serves multiple purposes. Display it decoratively in a living space for the organic and textural element. It's beautiful honey color instantly warms up this entire look of pale shades, and ties into the greens of the painting. It also serves as a tool to bring warmth in the form of a delicious meal, inspiring us to gather with friend and family. A beautiful structural yet organic piece.

Rustic Bowl

Kaleidoscope Box

Ebony Canisters

Antique Burl Bowl

The Styling

These items, when thoughtfully paired together, will make your collections tell a story. The attention to detail in one small space can elevate an entire room and make people want to learn more.

“People come over to my house all the time and ask, ‘where is this from?’ I have a story attached to everything and why I love it, whether it was gifted to me or if I found it in my travels. These are the items that comfort us and create an environment that is specific to each of our homes.” -Brooke

You can restyle again and again, breathing new energy into every piece, showcasing them in a different way. Head Designer Stephie says, "I move my artwork and decor around all the time. I love the fact that each piece can always be reimagined. I never buy a piece for a certain space. I don’t have a specific style of art that I prefer; they are all different in their own way." Try experimenting with different pairings- old and new, modern, and antique, found and gifted- to discover which items complement each other in unexpected ways.

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