Behind the Design
The inspiration behind our new winter throws

There is a proverb that states, "Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail". Whoever said that must have spent a winter on Nantucket, for each week it seems is marked by a new weather event. Sand dunes become snow peaks, sheets of ice blanket the shoreline and harbor waters invade streets where they don’t belong. Yet, within hours, stillness is restored, blue skies return and tides retreat. Mother Nature's powerful and fickle ways remind us of how little we control.

Tucked away in the quiet of our Main Street weaving studio, however, we find the beauty in the season's ferocity. Winter's theatrics inspire new color pairings. In the depths of winter, we feel a new energy within us to create, knowing that our final products are reflections of our own seasonal impressions.

This year, we have woven three different winter inspired throws that reflect the changing weather patterns. We're excited to share with you our Windswept Wave Multi-Fiber Throw and our Even Keel Alpaca Throws. Read on to learn how our weaver's capture winter's wayward weather in their designs.

Windswept Wave Multi-Fiber Throw

The fourth installment of our Windswept Throws, the Windswept Wave is the brightest one. Comprised of Mohair, cotton and silk, its combination of fibers give it a dynamic look the reflects the drama of wind lapping against the peaks of waves and the splash back as they collide with the sand. Deeper, saturated blues paired with lighter blues create the dimension in the overall finish that beckons you to take a detailed look at its construction.

Head Weaver Rebecca Peraner says the color inspiration came from the specific blue-green shade of the ocean in the off-season. "the blue is different than the summer. Because of the light refraction, it is more blue-green. It still feels bright, but there is an undercurrent of mystery and doleful feeling. I kind of love it."

Even Keel Apaca Throws

"The Windswept Wave is organic feeling and whimsical", Becky explains. "The Even Keel is the antithesis of that". Featuring two different patterns- a vertical stripe and a buffalo check- in contrast, these throws are linear and geometric. Although a more upscale and distinguished look, where the two colors are woven together gives movement to the overall effect, like a soft ripple rupturing the stillness of the water- the organic element that softens the hard lines. This throw is all about creating balance through geometric lines and exploring how to bring dynamic within that structure.

Windswept Wave

Gray Haze

Windswept Fog

Windswept Ivory

Hazy Horizon

Even Keel Stripe

Even Keel Buffalo Check

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