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Nantucket Looms has been in the wedding gifting business for over five decades. We believe in gifting a gift that is meaningful to both you and the newlyweds. Whether it is a reminder of the island, or that it was handcrafted by a local artisan, or that it reflects the Nantucket Looms aesthetic of simple elegance. Whichever the reason, we are confident that your gift will be enjoyed for years to come. We have rounded up our favorite and most-gifted items of all time below.

Mohair Throw

The Mohair Throw- otherwise known as "the fluffy one" or "the original throw" has been our best-selling wedding gift for over 50 years. Handwoven right on main street Nantucket, it is both a beautiful gift that can be used every day. Woven to withstand a lifetime of draping, cuddling, rolling and folding and remaining fresh as the day it was opened.

Each piece is unique, with hand-knotted fringe and organic details that comes with something hand-made. It serves as a reflection of a one-of-a kind couple and their special celebration. Our favorite to gift is the ivory; a simple yet beautiful shade that feels symbolic of new beginnings.

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We believe that artwork adds to the character of a home and can tell a story about from whom and where the piece comes. Gifting a piece of original artwork is a sentimental way that you can contribute to the newlywed's collection or encourage them to start a new one. Whether it be a sea life vignette incorporating local scallop shells, an oil painting of Sanford Farm, or a photograph of the shores of Nantucket, a gift of art will be enjoyed every day.

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Handwoven Kitchen Towel

Most often the kitchen is the heart of the home, where meals are created and where the real work is done. Our handwoven kitchen towels have become best-sellers, not only because they are a piece of handwoven craftsmanship, but because they are thick, highly absorbent and easy to wash. The happy couple will find themselves reaching for it time and again whether for drying dishes, cleaning up after a dinner party or pulling hot dishes out of the oven. With dozens of color pairings from Lemon Lime to Storm Blue and varying striped patterns, there is a kitchen towel to suit every aesthetic. Pair with a wine bottle opener and a couple wine glasses or with a Bird's Eye Maple Cutting Board for a gift set that will be well used.

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Bird's Eye Maple Cutting Boards

All good relationships get better over time and, well, so does our favorite cutting board: Ed Wohl's Bird's Eye Maple Cutting Boards. The maple and they way in which Ed carves them gives these cutting boards a buttery feel unlike anything we've felt before. They age beautifully with every use- preserve one side for serving and use the other side for cutting. Over time, their board will become beautifully patina'd.

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Glass Hurricane

A favorite accessory for its styling versatility, a beautiful classic glass hurricane will be a favorite gift. For the tabletop, mantle to entry way, with every new way to style, they will be reminded of their special day and the loved one who gave it to them.

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Our founders Andrew Oates and Bill Euler were known for serving wine to their guests in high quality yet casual looking glassware, opting to serve wine in hand blown tumblers over tall wine glasses. They believed that entertaining, just like island living, should not feel overly fussy. From our classic wine glasses to our Itsy tumblers we strive to offer simply elegant glassware to be used for every day and special occasions.

Perhaps it is the delightfully small stature of the Itsy Tumbler, the simplicity of the Bordeaux Wine Glass or maybe the whimsy of the Beldi Tumblers gentle curves that prompts you to want to put your feet up and relax while sipping away on one of our many glassware options. Whatever it is you love most about them- they are sure to become an entertaining staple for the happy couple.

We love to pair with the signature Sommelier Wine Key or a Handwoven Kitchen Towel.

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Italian-Made Bed Linens

Fine linens are a wonderful way to help the newlyweds begin their new life together. Crafted in Italy, made from 100% long-staple cotton, our percale linens feature a double-row of elegant satin stitch embroidery. The duvet cover includes a knife edge hem with a plain hem on the shams, flat sheet and pillowcases. These sheets have a crisp quality, yet are soft to the touch. Choose from bright white with either a classic white, navy or gray piping.

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Island Spa Towel Collection

Why save luxury bath linens for just the honeymoon? Help make their home feel like any 5-star hotel with the Island Spa Towel Collection. Made of 100% Turkish cotton, they are ultra absorbent and only become softer with each wash.

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