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Whether you're shopping for your own father or perhaps the father of your children, it’s always nice to find something that he will not only use, but will enjoy using. We asked the girls here at the Looms (Bess, Stephanie and Becky) what they would pick for their fathers. And since each dad is quite different, we think we came up with a nice assortment of gifts to choose from. And the best part about these gifts? You can enjoy them too. Which is really a win/win for everyone.


Weekender Bag & Boatneck Sweater

"My dad, who now lives in Europe, travels quite a bit. With that said, I've never known anyone who packs so lightly. The boatneck sweater is the perfect go-to extra layer for all seasons. The duffel bag is a great size for him and will only get better looking with time. Much like him. " -Bess

Leather Weekender Duffel Bag ($195) | Classic Boatneck Sweater ($140)


Wine Bottle Opener & Nut Mix

"There is no better pairing for man who loves to relax at home. I love that both the opener and nut mix come in nice packaging, making them easy and ready to gift." -Stephanie

Sommelier's Wine Opener ($42)'Nuts for Nantucket' Nut Mix ($28)


Artwork and a Classic Game

"As a decades long collector of antiques, my Dad has an intrinsic love and appreciation for unique pieces and classic items. I especially like 'Burning Off' by Robert Frazier as a gift for him because, not only is it a beautiful scene, it reminds me of our walks through Tupancy Links." -Becky 

'Burning Off' - Robert Frazier ($1,100) | Back Gammon Board ($210)




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