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Fall on Nantucket: 7 Things To Do

Fall on Nantucket: 7 Things To Do

Fall on Nantucket is a special time for both locals and those who visit the island. As we embrace the change in seasons represented in the chill of the breeze, the falling leaves and the shorter days, the nostalgia of summer days still hangs in the air, but the quieter pace and significantly less crowds call for a sigh of relief after a bustling summer. Walks on the beach now require a sweater, and waders and rakes take the place of bathing suits and towels. We're naming a few of our favorites to help you make the most of these treasured months.

Photo by Barbara Clarke Photography

1. Scalloping 

October 1st marks the start of family scalloping season. It also reminds us of our favorite fresh scallop dishes. Explore the island's various harbors for the island's bounty and cook yourself an authentic Nantucket dinner. Buy your Bay Scallops locally from the Nantucket Bay Scallop Trading Company for the freshest Bays.

Cisco Brewery - Photo by @CiscoBrewers

2. A Seasonally Festive Brew

Cisco Brewery is one of our favorite places to go when the golden fall light is shining and the air is cool and crisp. There are fewer crowds and more familiar faces with great music and lots of libations to choose from including their beers, wine, or spirits. While the sun sets their twinkle lights illuminate the beer garden creating a cozy, ethereal atmosphere.

3. Cranberry Season

 A bright pop of red among the landscape shades of green, yellow and brown, the Cranberry bogs offer a breath taking view from Milestone Road. Attend the Cranberry Festival and learn about the harvesting process, sample tasty local treats, and listen to great live music. Missed the festival? You can still walk the many acres around the bogs owned by the Conservation Foundation throughout the year.  

The Looms girls Halloween 2000

4. Halloween Parade on Main Street

At 5pm on Halloween, Main Street is closed to cars while hundreds of goblins, witches and super heroes parade up the cobblestones. Shop keepers provide the Tricks and the Treats in this fun, community event. The best dressed family wins a prize.

5. Experience the tradition of hand weaving at Nantucket Looms

Upstairs at 51 Main Street, Nantucket Looms artisan weavers are hard at work, year-round, bringing to life beautiful handwoven textiles using traditional wooden looms. All are welcome to visit the weaving studio any time of year to experience this beautiful time-honored craft.

Photo Courtesy of Roman & Williams (Greydon House Interior Designers)

6. Greydon House

This gorgeous hotel and restaurant is the right cozy fix for autumn nights. Dark wood paneling, a large fireplace and a well-stocked bar create a comfortable respite from the cool nights. Enjoy a crafted cocktail by the fire or gather with friends for a gourmet meal. 

Photography: Erin McGinn Photography | Styling: Abby Capalbo

7. Walks off the Beaten Path

Now that your houseguests have returned home and you may have more time for yourself, finding your favorite trail to take an afternoon walk is a treat before the winter winds roll in. Grab a sweater and your four legged friend and check out the mystical looking trees in Squam Swamp or the labyrinth at Hinsdale Park. For a complete list of properties to explore check out the Conservation Property’s website and the Nantucket Land Bank website.