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Honoring True Craftsmanship

Honoring True Craftsmanship

Nantucket Island as a community and as a tourist destination is built on a strong history of craftsmanship and workmanship. From weavers and basket makers to landscapers and carpenters, the local community of this unique island is rich with artisans who devote their hearts to creating quality works that stand the test of time.

Throughout the rapidly changing times we live in, Nantucket Looms and the artisans we represent have remained true to this philosophy. Perhaps it is because Nantucket itself has preserved its own history that we are encouraged to remain authentic to our crafts. Our handwoven mohair throw has become our signature handwoven for a reason; its design has remained the same since 1968. Why? Because it represents exactly what we stand for - beautiful, simple, timeless products that are made to be handed down through generations.

Since Bill Euler and Andy Oates took ownership of The Cloth Company and reopened as Nantucket Looms in 1968, we have evolved to share the simplicity of Nantucket Looms Cottage-Style living with the world through our selection of handwoven textiles, fine home furnishings, clothing, accessories and full-scale interior design services all while continuing to honor their vision for quality, timeless products.

Founded on the belief that artists should be encouraged and celebrated,  Nantucket Looms currently represents over 70 artisans. We have a proud tradition of showing the works of basket weavers, wood carvers, jewelry makers or painters, because we (and our loyal customers) appreciate the imagination, master artistry and expertise required to do this kind of work.

Honoring true craftsmanship is important to Nantucket Looms, not only because it is the basis upon which the business was built as production handweavers, but because we believe in keeping the tradition of heirloom design alive in the 'reproduction world' we now live in. We love the idea that one of our handwoven throws could be gifted to a couple on their wedding day, enjoyed by their family for a lifetime and passed down to their children. Such products are made to span generations - to be loved, used, repaired and passed on. This is a quality we look for not only in our handwoven creations but in curating the collections of artwork, home decor and accessories that we carry both in our 51 Main Street shop and now in our online store. It is a quality that has allowed Nantucket Looms to thrive for 48 years and a quality that has kept our loyal customers returning.