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Weaving Team: Handwoven Gifts

Weaving Team: Handwoven Gifts

Nantucket Looms Weaving Team (L-R) Becky Peraner, Cara DeHeart, Brittany Bennett, Anne Topham.
With the Holidays approaching and gift-giving in mind, we asked members of the Nantucket Looms team to pick their favorite gifts from our online store. Our weaving team chose their favorite handwoven items. Handmade, an elegant keepsake and an authentic piece of Nantucket, these Nantucket LOOMS handwovens make wonderful gifts. 


Becky Peraner, Head Weaver, apprenticed under Nantucket Looms co-founder and master weaver Andy Oates for eight years and now oversees the Looms weaving studio. With a degree in Textile Designs from RISD, Becky carries on the Nantucket Looms tradition of producing luxury, handwoven products while introducing new designs and colors. Her elegant creations have been featured in design projects around the world.

Becky: "I love the red mohair throw because every room needs a pop of red, especially around the holidays!"

Handwoven on a classic wooden loom, with limited production, this mohair throw is truly exquisite, with outstanding luster and softness.


Cara DeHeart, has been weaving for the past 17 years and is a master weaver in her own right. She brings expert craftsmanship to each item she produces, and her love of combining fibers and textures in new and interesting ways contribute to her own distinctive style. Throughout the years, Cara has introduced her own aesthetic to the Looms collection.

Cara: "I really recommend the Cotton Cabana Stripe Throw because it's timeless. I still have the first cotton throw I ever wove fifteen years ago and it gets better ever year. 

Featuring a bold striped pattern, this limited edition heirloom-quality piece is ideal for every season. Crafted from the finest cotton flake yarn, sourced directly from North Carolina and handwoven by our skilled weavers.


Anne Topham, a longtime admirer of Nantucket Looms handweaving, has always held an interest in fashion and textiles. After years of being a loyal customer, she eventually inquired about learning to weave. All the pieces fell into place during the fall of 2011 when she began her training process with Becky Peraner. A handful of years later, Anne has grown into a fabulous weaver, learning and perfecting intricate loom techniques and fiber aspects while incorporating her own elegant sense of style into each piece she creates.

Anne: "The Winter Blue scarf - it takes my winter blues away! It completes any outfit and makes you feel so luxurious and put together".

Our mohair scarf has been woven in the same classic twill weave pattern since 1968 by our skilled weavers. Mohair, a lustrous and soft fiber with a beautiful sheen, is an elegant addition to any winter wardrobe. 

Brittany Bennett, a Textile Design graduate of RISD, has been weaving for Nantucket Looms since 2013. With her love of natural fibers and a flare for colors and textures, Brittany has designed a number of new products for Nantucket Looms, while also carrying on the tradition of handweaving our most iconic and beloved products.

Brittany: "The black alpaca scarf - dark and mysterious, it makes men look so handsome".

Made from Peruvian Alpaca, our handwoven Alpaca scarf adds refinement to a men's lapel. Extremely warm and luxuriously soft our alpaca scarf is perfect for all seasons.