Handwoven on Nantucket. Since 1968.

Nantucket Looms Interior Design Team (L-R) Mary Beth Ferro, Tracey Goncalves, Lucie Lundeen, Stephanie Hall. 
With the Holidays approaching and gift-giving in mind, we asked members of the Nantucket Looms team to pick their favorite gifts from our online store. Our interior design team chose items for the home which make wonderful and unique gifts, from decorative artwork to practical kitchen items. 


Stephanie Hall, head designer and Chief Operating Officer, has been instrumental in developing our interior design department into a full-scale, year-round design house for both residential and commercial clients. For the past 18 years, she has been curating the Looms collections each season.  Her ability to mix and match contemporary pieces with classic cottage style furnishings resonates with long-time Nantucket Looms clients while appealing to a new generation of clientele as well.

Stephanie:  "It's sort of like picking a favorite child! But I absolutely love the Pewter Merino Wool and Silk Throw. The materials, the dramatic color and the neat trim - it's a great accent to any room".

This limited edition handwoven throw features an elegant natural blend of varying pewter grey, made from merino wool and silk, crafted in an intricate twill weave. 


Mary Beth Ferro has been a part of the Nantucket Looms staff as early as 1984. She has overseen countless new home design projects as well as many home redesigns. With an eye for antiques and folk art, along with her love of color and knowledge of fabrics and finishes, Mary Beth ensures that no house is the same as the last.

Mary Beth:"My pick is any piece from Becky Peraner.  I love the sea glass, starfish, or scallop shells.  They look great in bedrooms, small bathroom nooks or on a living room book shelf.  You will have a piece of the seaside to remember your visit to the island".

Produced on a small 3’ loom, Rebecca Jusko Peraner weaves delicate strands of yarn, then carefully places collections of sea glass, scallop shells or starfish into the weave structure. These tapestries are framed and sold at Nantucket Looms. 

Lucie Lundeen attributes her design aesthetic to her mother, an interior designer, who exposed her to beautiful home furnishings, eclectic art and luxury fabrics at a young age. Completing her degree in Interior Decorating, Lucie not only brings her own design sense to the Looms teams, but her technical drafting skills as well. 

Lucie: "I love the Nantucket Looms Signature Mugs. I have these mugs at my house and they are the perfect size and so lovely with touches of blue gray. I highly recommend them for presents."

This kitchen staple is part of the Nantucket Looms signature dinnerware collection. Practical elegance made to enjoy for countless cups of tea or coffee. The Nantucket Looms name can be found on the bottom of each mug.


Tracey Goncalves’ background in sales and office management ensures that the Nantucket Looms Design Office runs smoothly and efficiently. Her familiarity with countless vendors, contractors and master craftspeople makes her an invaluable resource for customizing and ordering products. Tracey’s attention to detail and diligent follow-through also help keep every phase of the design process wonderfully on track.

Tracey: "My absolute favorite things are the handwoven dish towels! I love them because they are not only beautiful, but also thick, absorbent, and feel like a little luxury!"

This thirsty handwoven dish towel is highly absorbent featuring a gorgeous pebble weave with wonderful textural qualities for busy hands to enjoy. A beautiful addition to your kitchen, and an elegant gift for any occasion. 


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