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Earth Day: Simple Tips for Greener Living

Earth Day: Simple Tips for Greener Living

In honor of Earth Day, here are some of our favorite ways to go green.

Eat locally grown, seasonal food.

Purchasing fruits and vegetables at your nearby farmers market not only helps support your local economy but also reduces the amount of fossil fuel required to ship and transport the food. Not to mention, it’s fresher and more delicious.

Shake a leg. If it’s nearby, give the car a rest and walk or bike instead. Recent studies have shown people who increased their walking to 10,000 steps daily experienced health benefits, including lowered blood pressure.


Ditch the dryer. Line-dry your laundry to save energy. Sunlight also naturally eliminates dust mites and allergens. For extra energy-saving points, wash in cold water instead of hot.

Just say no to junk mail. Put a stop to unsolicited mail by signing up to opt-out of pre-screened offers from credit and insurance companies.


Choose cloth over paper. Reduce waste and save money by using cloth napkins and tea towels. And the next time you need to wrap a gift, forget the wrapping paper—go au natural with a little twine and a sprig of greenery or flower for added adornment.

Buy recycled items and upcycle the ones you have. Purchasing items like this woven dot rug (made from recycled plastic) is not only a practical, beautiful option for your home, but it also means less plastic in our landfills.

If you’re new to the world of upcycling, (taking an old or used item and giving it new life by refurbishing it for another purpose), there are many products available today that make it easy for you.

Kobo makes fragrant, environmentally friendly candles, each packaged in a biodegradable, plantable box infused with seeds that will grow a plant that matches the scent of the candle. Yes, you can actually plant the box straight into the ground and a plant will grow from it. Brilliant and beautiful!