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Nantucket Looms’ Mother’s Day Picks!

Nantucket Looms’ Mother’s Day Picks!

Some special gift ideas for your special mom…

Bess Clarke was born into the Looms’ family: her mother, Liz Winship, had been a fixture since the early 1970s and owner since 1993 and Clarke has fond childhood memories of the sound of the looms’ rhythmic beat and the wildflower aroma of the country’s signature hand soaps.

With both women spending most of their days surrounded by beautiful merchandise, they have a pretty good idea of what items they would like to receive (and suggest giving) for special occasions-especially Mother’s Day. We thought we would share some of their top picks for this very special day.

Liz: Mother’s Day always represents the beginning of the shopping season for me. There are more people around on weekends and my family and I can start enjoying more time outside.

Here are a few of my top picks for Mother’s Day:

This mahogany, bone and rosewood weathervane would look beautiful on any bookshelf. I love Mark Sutherland’s style of carving inspired by antique marine folk art.

Our handwoven Cashmere and Silk Throw is the most elegant throw we weave. What an incredible gift this would be.

I love to cook and entertain, so my family knows that they can’t go wrong when buying me items for the kitchen. I especially like the new Marble Glazed Serveware that is new in the shop this season. Made to endure high temperatures, these pieces go from oven to table and are elegant yet practical for entertaining. Slight variations of color and texture make each piece unique.

Last year, Bess gave me a Vintage Copper Large Sauté Pan – which has become my favorite pan and lives permanently on my stove top. Large enough to simmer risotto, steam clams or cook a big batch of scrambled eggs, it is perhaps the most useful pan I have ever owned. My pan was customized with my initials, making it a very thoughtful and personal gift.

Elizabeth Taft has been showing her work at the Looms for over twenty years. I love her choice of colors and her distinctive landscape style, which can be seen in her painting “Nantucket Path”. I own one of her larger paintings but this one would fit perfectly in my new home in Key West.

Bess: Spending almost every day at Nantucket Looms gives me plenty of time to come up with wish lists of my favorite things and ideas of what I would give to others…I look forward to treating myself to a few of them when I move into my new house this summer!

Rebecca Peraner, Nantucket Looms’ CPO and head weaver, has created a Starfish Vignette of her own design that I absolutely love. Made with genuine starfish woven into a tapestry of blue and green threads, it picks up the colors of the Nantucket land and seascape-it is the perfect piece of artwork to remind you of the ocean, whether it is for a beach cottage or displayed in a city apartment. Knowing that Becky weaves these in her home makes it extra special.

I’m just starting my art collection and would love to add Joan Albaugh’s “Overlook” to my wall. I never get tired of admiring her paintings.

The Metallic Zippy Bag works great as a purse or as a cosmetic bag. I’ve given them as gifts to my girlfriends-and have kept one for myself!

Our latest apparel design out of the weaving studio is the Endless Summer Infinity Scarf. It comes in a beautiful assortment of colors made out of cotton making it comfortable to wear year-round.