Community Foundation of Nantucket & The Nantucket Looms Scholarship Fund

Supporting local artists has been at the cornerstone of our business since 1968. Nearly every day, artists come to our front door prior to opening, yielding stacks of paintings, carvings, jewelry and pottery for us to select from. They come to share their new work with us, often inspired by the island’s natural color palette, flora, fauna and the animals in which inhibit the pastures and surrounding waters. We have the pleasure of proudly representing these artists, helping tell their story to those who appreciate original craftsmanship.

In this day and age, where our lives are increasingly technology-focused and we grow more distant from the joy of original handmade goods, we wanted to provide a way to encourage our younger generation to pursue the arts as a career path. In 2018, to mark our 50 year anniversary, Nantucket Looms established an annual scholarship to be awarded to a graduate of Nantucket High School interested in pursuing a career in the arts and studio arts including fiber arts, texile design or interior design by offering a concrete financial support to nurture one creative spirit, and in so doing, help keep the arts alive.

"As a graduate of Nantucket High School, I received generous financial support from the island community. My mother, Liz Winship, has always been very philanthropically minded, teaching me that it is important to 'pay it forward'. By establishing this scholarship with the help of my partners, Becky and Stephanie, we are encouraging those who live here to pursue a career that is rewarding and would be of value on Nantucket. The Community Foundation has helped us establish this fund that will support island students for years to come." -Bess Clarke, Partner

We have now awarded 3 of these scholarships. It has been a pleasure to watch these students dedicate their education to art as well as learn all the ways in which art can exist in daily life.

2020 Recipient | Mariel Jelleme

Our 2020 recipient, Mariel Jelleme, is a Nantucket High School Graduate of 2019. Mariel will be a sophomore this fall at Springfield college where she is studying art therapy. We have chosen Mariel Jelleme as the recipient of this year’s Nantucket Looms scholarship because she has recognized at a very young age that art has the power to not only bring joy, but also heal. Through her pursuit of an art therapy degree Mariel will be learning the tools that will help transform lives. We are proud to support Mariel in her journey and wish her all the best.

Past Recipients
2019 Recipient: Britney Anderson

Britney will be a Sophomore at Parsons School of Design pursuing a degree in the arts. With her degree she hopes to build a business dedicated to aiding in the fight for numerous social justices and supporting people who are unemployed or homeless, and providing better education to kids who otherwise "do not have the option of chasing their dreams."

2018 Recipient: Amy Tejada

If you have been to our shop, you may recognize Amy as one of the friendly women working behind the counter. Amy has been a part of our Looms family since she interned for us during her senior year in high school. So it was fitting that she was the first recipient of our Nantucket Looms Scholarship. We have been with her throughout her college journey, welcoming her home to work every holiday and summer.

"When I first left for college I’m not going to lie, I was terrified that I wouldn’t make it and that I’d fail. I had doubt in the back of my head. But like I always have done, I pushed through. I conquered my doubts and fears and I owned my new journey I was embarking on. I have learned throughout my life now to never question myself. I always pull through and meet my goals. I owe that partially to my siblings because they have always been and have continued to be my biggest inspiration and motivation. I am not the same person I left for freshman year of college as, I have grown on my own away from all my many roles I had at home.

In September I will begin my last year of college, it seems unreal but I’m very proud and super excited to get my degree. I don’t know exactly what I want to do yet, I have the options of applying anywhere in the country for an interior design position but I am leaning towards coming back home and working at Nantucket Looms. I want to own my own business one day and possibly one day open my own renovation branch from my business. Whatever I choose to do once graduation comes around I know I will be fine, I will succeed. I thank everyone that’s helped me along my journey to get to this huge milestone in my life, from Xavy and Shelby to my crazy and amazingly loving family to all my family at the Looms, thank you for all the support and for always cheering me on and being there for me and most of all for believing in me!"


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