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Nantucket Nautical; From the Nantucket Looms Design Team

Nantucket Nautical; From the Nantucket Looms Design Team

When you're lucky enough to live on an island as naturally beautiful as Nantucket, your interior design should reflect that beauty. With such a rich maritime history, it is no wonder that nautical design is popular here. At Nantucket Looms, our Design Team has designed countless nautical homes and we've learned what works (and what doesn't) along the way. We believe nautical design should reflect the Nantucket mindset - relaxed, simple and in tune with nature yet exuding an understated sophistication and a cheerful sense of fun. Here are our top tips for designing a nautical, yet modern Nantucket Home. 

Start with a simple, neutral color palette. Choosing a neutral base color (grays, whites, creams) will serve as a great foundation for a sophisticated nautical look. Find inspiration in nature - from the neutral tans and whites of the beach to the grays and creams of the seashells and rocks.

When we think of 'nautical', we often think of bright reds and blues. We recommend using these bolder colors to accent the neutral base. Throws, pillows or rugs will add that pop of nautical color while staying true an authentic design. Don't be afraid to keep it simple. 

"We've found that people who prefer a modern aesthetic still want to incorporate traditional nautical color palettes in their Nantucket homes. Combining nautical with modern design creates an edgier finished look". 
- Stephanie Hall, Nantucket Looms Design Team. 

Keep it authentic by choosing furniture with a slightly weathered look and feel or use in contrast with more modern, glossy pieces. Your neutral base color palette will ensure the design looks bright and clean despite the distressed furniture. 

Let the light in! Make the most of the natural light by choosing light window fabrics like linens and cottons. 

Add texture with natural elements such as rope and wicker. We love these natural cross-knit pouf's for adding a touch of nautical chic to a room. 

Take it one step further and bring the outside in! "Potted plants or beach grasses in glass bottles or vases look great against the neutral color palettes and natural elements", - Stephanie. 

Give a nod to Nantucket's history by incorporating antiques such as sailor's valentines or get creative with a mix of antique and modern accessories. 

Add some unique nautical artwork. We love the handwoven vignettes by Rebecca Jusko Peraner!

Finally - have some fun with it! Interesting accents like porthole mirrors and decorative rope accessories are great conversation starters. "Less is more, so choose items you truly love", - Stephanie.

And remember, when designing your Nantucket Nautical home, the Nantucket Looms Design Team is available to offer their specialist advice and services.