CPO Jacket | Heather's Green Tweed

$ 1,600.00

Since 1968, the CPO jacket has been an iconic element of the Nantucket wardrobe. Often layered with a sweater and button-down, the CPO is Nantucket’s answer to a sports coat. Featuring our handwoven wool tweed fabric created in our Main Street weaving studio and lined with colorful Liberty of London pima cotton fabric, each jacket is one-of-a-kind. Known both for their elegance and their heirloom-quality construction, the CPO jacket gets better with age and is proudly collected by those who value their originality.

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Worth the Wait  

Your custom CPO jacket will take 8-10 weeks to create. Please note that they may not arrive in time for Christmas. However, we will gladly produce a card notifying the recipient that their CPO is in production.

If you would like to expedite the process, please reach out to info@nantucketlooms.com to see what we have in stock on our shop floor.

Handsewn for over fifty years by renowned German seamstress Lia Marks, the CPO jacket was inspired by the classic shirt jacket often worn by Chief Petty Officers in the Navy. Today, we honor the legacy of Lia Marks, using the same patterns and techniques to create a new generation of CPO jackets.

Outer Material: 100% shetland wool
Lining: 100% pima cotton
Dry Clean Only

CPO jackets are made to order. Once your order is placed, it will take between 8-10 weeks to create and ship.

Discount codes and other promotions cannot be applied to CPO jackets.

Shipping & Returns:
CPO jackets can be returned within 14 days of delivery. If you would like to make a return, please contact returns@nantucketlooms.com. Only jackets that have not been worn and show no signs of damage will be accepted for a refund. The cost of return shipping ($12.95) will be deducted from your refund.

Dry Clean Only

Our tweed is crafted by hand from start to finish in our Main Street weaving studio.

Our masterful artisans begin by thoughtfully selecting colors and fibers inspired by our surrounding landscape, then determine a pattern and desired weave structure for their design.

Next they wind the fiber onto bobbins then wind the loom’s warp, a meticulously calculated process that sets the path of each and every thread used. These threads are manually connected to specific harnesses and securely hand-tied to “dress the loom”. Once this stage is complete, they can begin to weave.

Countless passes of the shuttle commence, rhythmic, muted sounds of wooden pedals fill the studio and a beautiful textile begins to emerge. The handwoven process continues until the piece reaches its full length, at which point it is cut from the loom. Tassels are hand-knotted onto the ends, and a small label is hand-sewn onto the textile as the weaver’s final touch.

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