MJ Levy-Dickson


MJ Levy-Dickson has dedicated her career to exploring the connection between the natural earth and emotion through her artwork. By keying into the qualities of sights, sounds, and textures and the reactions they produce, MJ strives to find the common thread that intersects these elements that comprise one's experiences with the world. The result illustrates just how deep a connection we can have with our surroundings. 

Working with a multitude of mediums ranging from painting to public installations, MJ likes to push the world’s understood boundaries. Her discoveries are what inspire her more expressionist work. In those pieces she transforms the sounds of jazz into wind patterns on the sand with a paint brush and paper. As MJ explains, “where the lines are harmonious, they’re visually pleasing which correlates with sounds. If the lines look good they sound good.”

A longtime Nantucket resident, MJ has been witnessing the island’s transformation since the ‘70s. Her earliest memories of the island are spending entire days walking out to and picnicing at Great Point. Since then, the island has been influential to her work. Collecting various bird’s nests she finds while taking walks inspired her expressive Bird’s Nest watercolors. 

The Looms has been representing MJ’s work for over 20 years. "Her long-time connection to the island and the ways in which she captures the natural world through her art is why we love representing MJ"- Bess Clarke, Partner.