Marjorie Dey

Cape Cod

Shell artist, Marjorie ‘Midge' Dey, has been treading Nantucket’s shores for over 40 years. Since her first visit in 1972 she has frequented the island as much as possible, combing its expansive beaches for shells. Searching for these natural treasures has been her beloved hobby since she was a child growing up on the Jersey Shore. What began as a relaxing hobby, Midge has transformed into a fortified business based on Cape Cod.

Midge began creating her moasicas as an answer to what customers were wanting to find in her own gift store, which she owned for 20 years. Customers were always looking for unique pieces that represented their love of the beach and summer vacation, and would remind them of time spent with family. Midge started making her pieces from her large shell collection to capture those feelings.

For Midge, every change of the tide means new shells left ashore to be discovered and more inspiration for her work. Each shell is washed, sorted and then incorporated into one of her mosaics. She also incorporates Nantucket sand to achieve all of her shapes including the island, hearts, and Lightship baskets. The result is a true piece of the island.

Nantucket Looms has been representing Midge’s work for over 10 years. Sophisticated and elegant with an organic feel, we love Midge’s work because it reflects the love she feels for the island and the coastal landscape. It is always special when both the artists and the collector can share the same emotion, even when they don’t know each other.