Jocelyn Sandor Urban


Jocelyn Sandor Urban, a lifelong painter, channels her love of animals and the island into paintings of dogs and horses and the Nantucket landscape. Most renowned for her incredibly detailed paintings of horses, there is no doubt that this love has manifested into purely impressive talent. 

Her appreciation for the natural beauty of Nantucket began early in life when she first came to the island with her parents at the age of 5. She visited every year after that and later established a working space in her own island home nearly 20 years ago. By 2016, she was a full time islander. 

When she is not painting her floor to ceiling horse portraits, she is lustfully capturing the essence of her most beloved places on Nantucket such as the North Shore where, she says, she "walks her four dogs every day." Steps Beach is another frequent focus, being a place she has painted about 20 times.

“The fact that Jocelyn masterfully creates both portrait as well as landscape paintings, speaks to her impressive, natural talent. We are very proud that Jocelyn has chosen Nantucket Looms to showcase her exquisite works of art.” - Bess Clarke, Partner.