Elle Foley

Nantucket, MA

Since an early age, Elle has had a paintbrush in her hand. Growing up in Norwich, Connecticut, an art teacher thought she had talent so Elle would go to Norwich Free Academy on weekends to paint since as early as grade school. After high school, Elle studied painting and drawing at the Maryland Institute of Art, before moving to Boston where she went on to get a degree in architecture from the Boston Architectural Center. Elle attributes her ability to use both sides of the brain, the creative and the analytical, to her parents influence - her mother, an artist and her father, an engineer. Elle took her architectural degree to New York City, where she worked for the prestigious architecture firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. She never left the art behind however and eventually got back to painting through the New York Students League. These days, Elle is a full time painter and splits her time between Nantucket and Florida, as well as traveling each winter to places like France, Italy, Spain and England. "I paint wherever I go.While traveling, I like to draw or sketch on the train or get an apartment for a couple of weeks and do street scenes, tour museums, paint new places".

Elle's paintings often focus on a path or road that draws the viewer in, evoking a sense of a journey or a path not taken. As Elle paints en plein air, she has to work with the changing light, often returning for days at a time to finish larger pieces. She has been honored with 25 years as a 'life member' of the Artists Association of Nantucket, where she also teaches painting to children and members of the community in the fall. If you are interested in seeing more of Elle Foley’s work, please call us at 508-228-1908.