The 2019 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Although Valentine’s Day isn’t an official holiday, it is one of our favorites since it is opportunity to let those closest to you- siblings, your parents, your partner and/or your kids know how much you love them. A day of love! What’s not to like about this day? And since we are in the business of creating and curating gifts, we thought we’d share with you our list of items that we would either like to give or receive this Valentine’s Day. And if you choose not to spend money on this special day, we’d still like to encourage you to express your love in any way that is meaningful.

Mauve Mist Cashmere Throw

Our newest Handwoven Throw comes in the softest purple shade fitting for Valentine’s day. It’s pastel hue makes it all the more of an accent piece that will always serve as a reminder of a time, while its gray undertones make it neutral enough for everyday decor. Not to mention, it’s not just beautiful to look at, it’s also beautiful to touch. Our cashmere is some of the softest you can find.

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Sailor's Valentine

The Sailor’s Valentine, originally produced by South Pacific islanders and sold to sailors in the whaling era, is now created by island artist, Betsey Braun. The intricate and patient art of designing these elaborate pieces of art is a wonderful way to celebrate the past while honoring your love.

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Lightship Baskets

Local basket weaver Dale Rutherford’s 'Be Mine', ‘Mother’, and 'Friends' Lightship Baskets are examples of a historic art form adapted to be enjoyed today. Beautifully crafted using the same weaving fundamentals of years past, it features a faux ivory heart in the middle with words of love scrimshawed into it. A collector’s item perfect for a Nantucket history lover.

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Pink Rose Trinket Box

A little something to hold precious items like bracelets and rings, this wooden trinket box was Leslie Linsley's signature at Tiffany's for 30 years, but is now sold exclusively at Nantucket Looms. It is handmade of turned beechwood by Leslie's grandfather many years ago. The box is first painted and the original botanical designs are carefully cut out to fit the contours of the box. Many coats of Leslie's Magic Decoupage Finish are applied to render it smooth to the touch. Gift it with the Aquamarine Beaded Bracelet for a handcrafted package under $200.

'I Love Nantucket' Shadow Box

What’s not to love about Erik Erikson’s ‘I Love Nantucket Shadowbox’? It is a striking piece of modern folk art, comprised of several eclectic art forms, including a tramp art heart, a craft practiced during the 19th mid 20th century. Small pieces of reclaimed wood, mainly cigar boxes or shipping crates, have been cut into layers of geometric shapes. The shadow box also features Erikson’s signature resin carved dominos inspired by his years of building Broadway sets as well as a digital photographic print of an antique postcard. ‘I Love Nantucket’ would serve as timeless Valentine for those who are in love with the island.

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Backgammon Board

Elegant & functional fun for your Valentine who loves a good game night.

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Fog Gray Handwoven Alpaca & Silk Wrap

Wrap your loved one in softness and warmth with our Gray Lady Alpaca and Silk Wrap, inspired by signature fog that often envelopes the island. The gray silk accents running throughout creates an elegant, subtle sheen. A handwoven work of art that will add sophistication to any outfit.

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Cane Bangles

Available in a multitude of colors, the cane bangles are created by local artist Dale Rutherford using traditional lightship basket weaving methods. A favorite gift for many of our customers, they make nice collector’s items, as they look great when stacked together.

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Classic Boatneck Sweater

For him or her, our classic boatneck has become part of the Nantucket “uniform” over the past 50 years. Stylish to wear out to dinner, yet comfortable enough to wear while taking a walk or sailing. Designed to be worn on its own or purchase the next size up to have a looser fit. This sweater gets better over time.

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Turkish Cotton Bath Robe

Make every day feel like a spa day when you treat yourself and your loved one to our extra plush Turkish Cotton Robe. These robes come from the legendary terry producing region of Denizli, Turkey, where the world’s finest cotton for towels and bathrobes has been grown since ancient times. Gift with a cozy day spent at home.

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Handwoven Scarves
Nothing warms the heart like our warmest all natural fibers

Seafoam Cashmere

Graphite Gray Alpaca

French Blue Mohair

Four Corners Alpaca Throw

For the one who loves to explore every corner of Nantucket-from Town to the South Shore, to 'Sconset and to Madaket, one of our newer alpaca throws has proven to be a favorite. Incorporating all the shades of Nantucket’s moodier skies, it is a testament to how beautiful the island can be, even during its more somber days. The Four Corners Alpaca throw makes a great gift for him: a functional work of art for his office, the den, or ‘his chair’.

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Purple Haze Cashmere Poncho

Handwoven in the heart of Nantucket in a color to brighten up the winter days. Created with the finest cashmere for ultra softness.

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Collegiate Silk

During the early 20th century, American tobacco companies produced a wealth of Tobacco Premiums that were included free with their products. Around 1910, there was a four year "window" when the focus of the material was on American Colleges and Universities. The Richmond Straight tobacco company in Richmond, Virginia, (now Phillip Morris) produced a series of 50 known printed silks in a series that contained the banner, seal, mascot (or appropriate symbol), yell and song. A unique way to pay homage to their alma mater and adorn their desk or bookshelf with something extra special.

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