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Onward to Nantucket Looms' 50th Year!

Onward to Nantucket Looms' 50th Year!

Nantucket Looms partners and their kids (L-R) Stephanie Hall and her daughter, Morgan; Becky Peraner and her daughters, Suzanne & Julia; Bess Clarke and her sons, Eoin, Jake & Luke.

As the countdown to 2018 begins, we have begun to reflect on the past year. There are things worth noting - our signature soaps continue to be our best-seller; mohair blankets are our most popular handwoven; and whale servers became the “go to” hostess gift of 2017. This year, however, “reflecting” means so much more. As our 50 year anniversary approaches in 2018, we reach back even further than usual, as we prepare to celebrate five decades of craftsmanship, an ever expanding network of customers (and characters) and, of course, the many employees who have been a part of the Looms family. As Stephanie, Becky and I navigate the evolving world of retail, which has now come to include e-commerce, we continue to treasure the important values upon which the Looms was founded in 1968. Most notably, our founders – Bill and Andy – and my mom Liz Winship sought to create solid, year-round jobs here on Nantucket. This is a tradition we are proud to continue some 50 years later. We thank you, our customers, vendors and artists, who each play an important part in keeping our legacy alive.

With gratitude,

Bess Clarke