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Nantucket Cottage Style

Nantucket Cottage Style

Since 1968, Nantucket Looms has enjoyed sharing the beauty and simplicity of Nantucket cottage-style living through our handwoven textiles, interior design services, home furnishings and the local artisans we represent. But what is cottage style? What are the elements that speak to the essence of Bill Euler and Andy Oates' vision when they founded Nantucket Looms almost fifty years ago and how can you bring those elements into your home?

Bill and Andy shared an appreciation for fine art and quality craftsmanship. Their unique ability to combine casual country, coastal living with Nantucket’s rich maritime history caught the attention of the Nantucket community and although many of today's island homes illustrate a more modern decor, the spirit of Nantucket cottage style lives on throughout the island in the fusion of traditional fine arts and modern elements.

Cottage style is more than the items you have in your home or the color scheme of your interior design. Cottage style is in essence, a way of living. It is the freshness of living by the sea, the laid-back simplicity and comfort of island life, coupled with local artwork, quality craftsmanship and classic design. A Nantucket Cottage Style home is understated in design, with wood floors and white walls, peppered with eclectic collections of artwork, lightship baskets, handwoven textiles, beach shells, fresh flowers, bird decoys.

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