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Fall Game Night on Nantucket Island

Fall Game Night on Nantucket Island

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, we love to gather with friends and family for a cozy evening of fun and games.  Set your competitive sights on these classic games for an entertaining evening.

Dominoes: A game of strategy and skill, dominoes is perfect for those who enjoy a challenge. Set up a table by the fireplace, and let the games begin!

Poker: Bring out the playing cards and test your luck with a friendly game of poker. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, poker promises hours of entertainment.

nantucket looms poker set
nantucket looms poker set

Backgammon: A classic board game that has stood the test of time, backgammon is both fun and intellectually stimulating. Pair it with some warm apple cider for a true fall experience.(H2) All this competition works up an appetite! Assemble a few of your favorite light bites into a beautiful, fall-inspired charcuterie board. From organic cheese to locally sourced honey and produce, it’s the perfect bite-size snack to sneak between strategic moves!

nantucket looms backgammon

Organic Ingredients from your Local Farm: Source cheese and produce from your local grocer. Their selection captures the freshness of the autumn season, ensuring your board is both delicious and fresh.

nantucket looms charcuterie

Locally Sourced HoneyDrizzling some fresh, local honey over your board adds a sweet, delicate flavor that captures the essence of fall, complimenting the other ingredients beautifully.

nantucket looms game night jeanne's honey

The Final Touches: Add some roasted nuts, dried fruits, and a sleeve or two of Effie's Oat Biscuits to round out your board. These elements bring flavor and texture to your presentation, making your charcuterie a true reflection of the season.

A fall game night is not just about the play; it's about connection. The quieter months found on Nantucket during the off-season are enriched by these sweet moments of community, and we hope you are surrounded this season with ones that are as fulfilling. So, shuffle those playing cards, set the board, and let the games begin!