Behind the Design:
Spring Green Alpaca Throw

Spring is beginning to show itself. The temperatures are rising, a choir of birds mark the start of each day, and the first few daffodils are beginning to push their heads through the soil. Every sign of spring promises that long and warm sun-soaked days are just ahead. As the island's hibernation ends, the shades of rejuvenation appear- greens found in the merging spring bulbs ; yellow represented in blooming witch hazel and shades of white found in the flowering snowdrops.

Inspired by these colors, we have created the Spring Green Alpaca Throw. The sentiments that come with this new season is represented in every detail from the soft feel of the fiber that brings comfort and ease like warmer days after winter's chill. The classic ivory colored fill breaks up the green, making the overall look more dynamic like Nantucket's diverse landscapes.

Our Alpaca Throws are a company favorite. It is the heaviest weight of the four fibers and the softest only to cashmere. Our Head Weaver, Rebecca Peraner, refers to it as "our version of the weighted blanket". It is also naturally hypoallergenic. While it is thick and soft, the alpaca fiber has microscopic air pockets that allow the textile to breathe on warm days or trap air on cool days, making it an all-season blanket. It is perfect for a New England spring where the weather fluctuates from hot to cold day to day.

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