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A Delicious Collaboration; Nantucket Looms & Phillips Chocolate

A Delicious Collaboration; Nantucket Looms & Phillips Chocolate

There are some things we at Nantucket Looms believe you should take seriously in life and chocolate is definitely one of those things. With our forty-eight year legacy to maintain, we also take our collaborations seriously; choosing only to work with those who share the same values of quality craftsmanship. When the idea came about to create a delicious collection of Nantucket Looms signature chocolates, we knew we had to partner with Phillips Candy House - the ninety-one year old Boston chocolate company whose mission reminds us so much of our own.  

Founded in 1925 by Italian husband and wife, Phillip and Concettina Strazzula, Phillips Candy House is Boston's oldest chocolatier. In their ninety-one years of business, Phillips Candy House has stayed in the family and remains focussed on making quality chocolates, with pure ingredients and like our mohair throws that have been woven in the same way since 1968, Phillips still uses the same (top secret) chocolate recipes they used in 1925. When it tastes so good, why change it?

Tried and tested by the Nantucket Looms staff (and believe us - we tried a lot of them! For quality control purposes, of course...), our signature chocolate collection contains an assortment of seven delicious Phillips chocolates, including their famous Milk Pecan Turtle (Oprah's favorite!). They're so good that we have been having a hard time keeping track of inventory, with boxes mysteriously going missing. "While wrapping fifty boxes for a custom order I devoured an entire box by myself!", admits Nantucket Looms CEO, Bess Clarke. 

A great little souvenir from Nantucket and a perfect stocking filler for the Holiday season ahead, we are so proud to announce this collaboration between Nantucket Looms and Phillips Candy House. Now available at 51 Main Street and in our online store. Online orders placed before 12pm December 22nd (overnight shipping) will arrive in time for the Holidays.