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From Our Hearts to Yours

From Our Hearts to Yours

Handmade gifts for Valentines

Since 1968, Nantucket Looms has built its reputation on a solid foundation of authentic handmade goods - a foundation that still remains strong today. While upstairs at 51 Main Street, our weavers work hard to weave beautiful pieces by hand on traditional looms, downstairs we carry the works of over seventy local artists and craftspeople in the store. Why? Because of our love of handmade. Because we care about the craft. And because handmade tells a story - a story of community, of time-honored tradition and a belief that handmade connects us on a different level. When you choose to support an artisan, you are supporting a movement of people who work to keep a tradition alive. You are supporting your local economy and your community. And that is a gift with true meaning. What better time to celebrate products that are made with passion and commitment than on Valentine’s Day?

Celebrating our Handmade Gifts

For Her: Handmade gifts she will love...

Princess Pink Handwoven Mohair Throw.

Quintessential Nantucket Looms, this throw is cozy, one-of-a-kind, with unmatched artisanal quality. Truly exquisite, with outstanding luster and softness, our mohair throws are perhaps the most well known of all our handwovens. An elegant keepsake, an authentic piece of Nantucket and a wonderful gift for your Valentine. Individually handcrafted in our Main Street studio from brushed mohair yarn.

Why we love it: Our handweavers put their heart into every piece they create. From selecting the colors, to winding the bobbins, setting up the loom, to hand tying the fringe. It is not ready for a home until it is perfectly beautiful. 

"Be Mine" Heart-Shaped Nantucket Lightship Basket by Dale Rutherford.

Island basket maker, Dale Rutherford, has created the perfect keepsake for your valentine. Constructed of cane wood, this heart shaped basket comes with an ivory scrimshawed heart on the inside bottom with the words "Be Mine". On the outside bottom of the basket a small inlay red heart is placed next to Dale's signature.

Why we love it: This is a great variation of a traditional Nantucket craft and its heart shape and message are perfect for Valentine’s Day. A piece of art to be admired all year long...and nice reminder of your love.

For Him: Handmade gifts he will love...

Black Alpaca Nantucket Looms Handwoven Scarf.

Made from Peruvian Alpaca, our handwoven Alpaca scarf adds refinement to a men's lapel. Extremely warm and luxuriously soft our alpaca scarf is perfect for all seasons.

Why we love it: The alpaca scarf is both practical and stylish! A must-have for any wardrobe to be worn for years to come.

Pinstripe Nantucket Looms Vintage Handwoven Tie.

Featuring vintage 1980's Nantucket Looms fabric in a linen pinstripe of blues, grays and red. A wearable piece of the Nantucket Looms handwoven legacy. Handwoven and sewn on island by our master weavers. A true vintage collectible. Pairs nicely with a pair of Nantucket Red pants while driving a Woody.

Why we love it: It's sophisticated and one of a kind! A piece of history to be enjoyed by the next generation.

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