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Welcome Home! A Letter from the Looms Family

Welcome Home! A Letter from the Looms Family

(L-R) Becky Peraner, Stephanie Hall & Bess Clarke. Photo: Barbara Clarke Photography
‘Welcome Home!’ - the friendly greeting so often spoken by my mother, Liz Winship (who has been center stage at Nantucket Looms for forty years) when longtime seasonal customers would return to the island after the quiet winter. After all, no matter what town you work in or where you are registered to vote, home truly is where the heart is. 
Now that Liz has moved on to warmer climates and Becky, Stephanie and I are doing our best to fill her shoes, we find ourselves extending the same salutation to familiar faces. The island is certainly changing - remodeled houses, new shops and different restaurants - but the parts of Nantucket that we all love remain the same. And for us, that includes our customers who return ‘home’ year after year. 
Welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you! 

      Bess Clarke, CEO Nantucket Looms. 

Photo: Barbara Clarke Photography