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About Us - The Cloth Company

About Us

Since 1968, we have enjoyed sharing the beauty and simplicity of Nantucket cottage-style living with the world through our selection of fine home furnishings, handwoven textiles, clothing, accessories and full-scale interior design services. Today, we continue to honor our island roots with a harmonious blend of the traditional and contemporary. Original, timeless Nantucket.

We carry the works of over 80 local artisans, including painters, potters, wood carvers, basket weavers and jewelry makers. Our on-island teams of interior designers and master weavers can also be found year-round to help you create custom looks and styles for your home.

How It All Began

Original owners of Nantucket Looms Inc., Bill Euler and Andy Oates started it all when they crossed paths working at the Woodbox Inn in the late ’50s. Andy (an artist and master weaver) and Bill (a businessman) shared an appreciation for fine art and quality craftsmanship. Their unique ability to combine c​asual country, coastal living with Nantucket’s rich maritime history soon caught the ​attention of members of the Nantucket community, and the rest as they say, is history.

How it All Began - Nantucket Sunset
Nantucket historical trust


Mary Ann Beinecke and the Nantucket Historical Trust (NHT) approach Andy to restore what is today the Jared Coffin House. Andy designs and hand-weaves all textiles for the hotel. At the same time the NHT opens The Cloth Company with Andy and Bill at the helm, offering needlepoint, crewelwork and handwoven fabrics.


It’s official! On April 1, Bill and Andy take ownership of the Nantucket Looms division of The Cloth Company, reopening it as Nantucket Looms, Inc incorporating both handwoven textiles, local crafts and gifts. Cottage-style living begins to flourish.

The right place at the right time

During this period, Nantucket was expanding into a chic tourist destination, with the arts being t​he​ downtown attraction. Andy and Bill become central figures in the island’s revitalization thanks to their Main Street shop and mentorship of a surprising number of local artists.

Staff Photo 1968


Liz Winship ​enters the scene to work at the store during the last few weeks of the season. She stays for 40 years, exhibiting a natural talent for interior design and becoming Bill’s “right hand girl”.

“I was like the man who came for dinner...and never left!” says Liz.


The handwoven tradition continues.
R​ebecca Peraner ​begins an apprenticeship under Andy, working closely with him in textile design and weaving. Today she is Chief Production Officer.

Liz of Nantucket Looms


Exactly 25 years after opening Nantucket Looms, Andy and Bill retire. They leave the business solely to their longtime employee, Liz.


Cottage-style interior designer S​tephanie Hall​ joins Nantucket Looms. She becomes Liz’s go-to girl. Together, the two develop a full-scale interior design business for Nantucket Looms. Today Stephanie is Chief Operating Officer.


After leaving its Main Street location (moving to Federal Street in 2004), Nantucket Looms returns home, settling in at 51 Main Street where it exists today.


The next generation. Liz’s daughter, Bess Clarke, officially joins the family as Chief Executive Officer. After 40 years, Liz retires in 2014 and officially leaves the business in the trusted hands of Stephanie, Rebecca and Bess who ensure the Nantucket Looms legacy of cottage-style living is honored.

Meet the Owners

Shown left to right: Rebecca, Stephanie and Bess


2018 marks our 50th anniversary. Our heritage is built upon the many artists whose work we represent, the countless throws and the thousands of yardage we have woven, and our customers who have supported us throughout our journey. We are proud to continue our legacy of craftsmanship and a dedication to the community of nantucket for the next 50 years.

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