A Note from Bess Clarke

I have always found that March is a challenging month on Nantucket. One foot is in winter and the other in spring. Daffodils are starting to emerge, yet they are sometimes dusted with several inches of snow. It always has been a bit of a confusing month for nature and a restless one for those of us eager to reopen our shops and greet those who have been away for the winter. But this March in particular, has been more difficult than ever before as our entire world faces the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been especially heartbreaking to hear the messages of safety, asking our beloved seasonal residents to stay away for fear of bringing the virus to our fragile island. For now, the beating of the looms are no longer heard, and the bell on the door is not ringing. Ray still delivers his eggs on Monday mornings, leaving them on the back porch, but that is the only routine of pre-pandemic times that still remains at 51 Main Street. Though, there is something comforting about living in a historic community, where the houses of generations past still stand, as if to tell us they will still be here when this all passes. And when I get overwhelmed with the complex emotions of grief, fear and even gratitude, a walk on the beach or in the moors helps settle my soul to remind me that mother nature is here to comfort us.

Until we meet again.

Bess Clarke