THE FAVORITES | The Throws We Love and Why

We love our throws! As one of the few production hand weaving studios in the United States, we take pride in the fact that all of our throws are crafted right here on Main Street, Nantucket. Mohair, Cotton, Alpaca and Cashmere- each has its own unique qualities. Master Weaver, Rebecca Peraner, takes us through what she loves most about each fiber and our staff names their favorites. Read on below.


"Our cotton throws have an informal and casual feeling to them, like a carefree and relaxed summer beach day"

Lightweight and often featuring brighter colors, our cotton throws have a more 'fun' quality to them. The weavers like to experiment with stripes and patterns, which have become some of our most popular designs. Cotton provides lots of room for creative freedom when designing them.

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The original throw. Founder Andy Oates' signature throw, our Mohair Throw is a classic and our most iconic. Each decade can be identified by the color palettes and designs used- the 70’s featured shades of oranges and lime greens; 80’s had brighter pastel shades with strips of floral ribbon; the ‘90’s featured shades of navy, burgundy and gold; the 2000’s had a more neutral palette of whites, greys and tans. Regardless of the color, our mohair throws have remained a favorite to gift as a housewarming or as a wedding gift. While today we use a different, much softer mohair than in years past, our mohair throws still have the same dramatic high pile and “fluff” that makes them an elegant accent to any sofa or bed.

"In the 80's, in line with the fashions of the time, our mohair throws featured bright and over-the-top colors and lots of florals and plaids. It's fun to look through our archives or have customers bring in their old throws to share with us. They were as beloved back then as they are now."

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"Alpaca is just awesome- so soft like cashmere but with weight to it that adds an extra bit of comfort. A comfort I always find has a calming effect."

Our alpaca throws are where you'll find complex pattern play that explores color theory as well. "The before and after of how the various shades of yarn look on the spool versus how they look woven together is just fascinating," Becky explains. The weavers use weave structures that can cause a charcoal gray to look blue when surrounded by other shades of blue as they draws out the charcoal's undertones."Customers often can't believe what color yarns actually make up an alpaca throw- it's quite a trick on the eye."

Alpaca is a favorite of our weavers to run with and experiment with various colors and patterns. "Small, special runs of these unique color pairings are created because we know we will achieve a throw unlike any other, making them a true collector’s item.”


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"The cream of the crop. Who wouldn't want to snuggle with it? Our cashmere throws feature more saturated and bolder colors. We tend to avoid designing intricate patterns because we want the beauty and the feel of the fiber to speak for itself."

Woven from the finest Scottish Cashmere, these are our most elegant throws, both because of the price point and the drape of the fiber when gently placed on a chair. Most of our cashmere featured highly saturated colors, but a few of the designs have a surprise element. Up close you can see that the weave structure is comprised of several different similar shades woven in a subtle herringbone pattern. This design element creates depth and adds interest without having to overly embellish our most sophisticated handwoven throw.


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