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For the Love of Collecting

For the Love of Collecting

They say "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Sometimes, that treasure is found and kept again and again until it blossoms into a collection. The Nantucket Looms staff loves to hunt for these forgotten treasures, whether it is at antique markets, the beach, the forest, or even the ticket stand. Read on to see their collections and how they have become representations of their collectors.

Silver Bangles - Brooke, Designer

"I have always been intrigued and attracted to different ethnicities and the things that represent those cultures. Collecting it in the form of jewelry allows me to appreciate the artistry and the beauty within those cultures. It also reminds me of the places I've travelled to and the specific times I have experienced when buying these specific pieces. I think this kind of collecting carries more than just material beauty."


Concert and Movie Tickets - Allie, Assistant Shop Manager

"I keep all my concert and movie tickets because they're so fun to look back on. I've been collecting since my first concert- Jack Johnson- in middle school. I do think my taste in music and movies has evolved for the better since then..."


Paintings and Antique Pieces - Thayer, Shop Manager

"I was blessed to grow up surrounded by local Nantucket art, passed down through my family since they started their love affair with the island in 1903. I hope to continue to grow my collection so that my daughter can enjoy it as an adult, the way that I have so enjoyed mine."


Brushes, Floral Frogs, Bird's Nests, Scales, Bakelite Silverware - Mary Beth, Designer

"I started my collections at a young age going to a country auction in the summers with my Mom and Dad. We always bought boxes of interesting things to look for the 'One' great find. My first collection was of antique brass horses. Typically, I find something that interests me; it could be at an estate sale, laying on the forest floor or beach, or just something I picked up at the 'Take It or Leave It' at the Nantucket Landfill. If I start with one thing, it seems to always turn into a collection- usually by accident.

'Some of my favorite items to look for are vintage floral frogs used in flower arranging from the Victorian era. It seems all old estates have a Butler's Pantry with a floral frog on a shelf or stuffed in a drawer. That is always the first room I go to."


"I believe that a collection tells the world who you really are by showing your personality. It brings warmth into every space of your home. I feel instantly drawn into a client's home when there is a collection somewhere in a corner or on a shelf. It is an instant conversation starter."

"My Bakelite silverware collection started when I  found a rustic, time-worn wooden blue painted box at the 'Take It or Leave It' at the Nantucket Landfill. Inside the box was the most beautiful butterscotch colored handled silverware which had been wrapped up in faded tissue paper with twine around it. It was love at first sight. The smooth butterscotch colored handled was what drew me and so 'the hunt' was on. The result is what you see in the open drawers of my kitchen table."


Jingle Shells - Sabrina, Weaver

"My son and I started collecting these shells when he was really little. He always asked to go to 'Shiny Shell' beach and we just kept collecting. He's grown up now, but I carry on searching and collecting. I can't resist these shells." 


Cameras - Lindsay, Digital Marketing

"When I was in high school, my dad gave me his old Canon camera from the '70s when he noticed I was fascinated by the look of old film photographs and told me I should try it myself. I started collecting from there - functional cameras or not. I kept anything I found in antique stores, and while cleaning my grandmother's basement and my parents' closets.  My love for old cameras inspired me to major in photography at school."


Antique Watch Parts & Vintage Nantucket Postcards - Becky, Partner

"My parents were antique collectors and dealers, so the love of collecting old things has been instilled in me my entire life. I love to incorporate these pieces into my artwork. They're so inspiring to me."


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