Fall on Nantucket
Our favorite things to do during every islander's favorite season

Ah, fall on Nantucket. With every whisk of wind breezing through our hair and honey-colored leaf crunching between our feet and on the cobblestones, the island takes a collective exhale as we settle into quieter times. Summer's successor possesses an unmatched beauty with golden light spilling over the open fields, turning the ocean’s shades to deeper blues.

Every year, Nantucket's best kept secret becomes more and more widely known. While we're typically used to bidding adieu to familiar faces just after Labor Day, the island still feels alive, making us wonder if October is the new September. As we say goodbye to the season later and later, we welcome those who are discovering autumn on the island. For those of you coming to the island for the first time in the off-season or those looking for inspiration, we've compiled our favorite fall activities to make the most of this special time.


One could say that on the island we have 5 seasons- winter, spring, summer, fall...and scalloping season. Come October 1st, those paying the annual permit fee of $35.00 can wade out with their rakes and baskets in tow (or snorkel) for the island version of a scavenger hunt for the delicious Bay Scallops. An afternoon of scalloping connects us to the bounty the island provides us, inspiring dishes that bring family and friends together around the dinner table where stories of the day’s adventures can be shared.

Cisco Brewers

With a little more room to pull up a chair at Cisco Brewers now that the summer crowds have thinned out, we think that the beer tastes a bit better and the hot apple cider is a little sweeter. With the colors of the fall foliage seen in the surrounding farm just beyond the fences and twinkle lights overhead, there is an overall feel of magic as the live music plays in the background, providing the soundtrack to a memorable late afternoon.

Bring it Outside

With the sound of the roaring surf in the distance to the thousands of the deer that we share our yards with, we are constantly surrounded by nature. It is because of this that many of us feel connected to the island’s natural world and enjoy our free time playing in the ocean, walking in the moors, or biking. As islanders, we believe that you can enjoy the outdoors nearly all year round-you just need the right activity, warm layers and the attitude of ‘it’s not that windy!’.

Cross-island hike

Each year, the Landbank hosts an all day event where anyone can walk the nearly 25 miles of their properties from Hoiks Hollow to Madaket- the Cross-Island Walk. While Landbank guides will be available on the trail to take you through on one particular day, these trails are accessible year-round. Each season offers a plethora of native trees & shrubs, walks around the ponds and miles of pastures to appreciate. Grab some water, lunch from your favorite sandwich shop and soak in the island's landscapes.

Cranberry Bogs

A bright pop of red among the landscape’s shades of green, yellow and brown, the Cranberry Bogs offer a breath taking view from Milestone Road and the Moors. While we missed the Cranberry Festival again this year, our hopes are high that next year we'll be walking the bogs learning about the harvesting process, sampling tasty local treats and listening to live music. In the meantime, we'll be walking our dogs through the many acres around the bogs owned by the Conservation Foundation.

Last Call for Patio Dining

What is better than a meal enjoyed on the scattered restaurant patios around town? Fresh air, people watching along the streets and unbeatable ambiance. October brings the final days of patio dining including Straight Wharf, Ventuno, and Gaslight. Grab a Handwoven Wrap or one of our Signature Sweaters and enjoy dinner in the autumn air.

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