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Mother's Day Gifts From Our Littlest Experts

Mother's Day Gifts From Our Littlest Experts

It was a beautiful spring afternoon on Main Street when the Nantucket Looms kids visited the shop for a special Mother's Day shopping trip after school. With the store to themselves in an after-hours event curated by the kids and the Nantucket Looms shop staff, these little VIP's set about searching for gifts their mother's would love. We were so impressed by their choices!

Curious to see what the kids would pick out for their moms, we turned them loose in the shop, waiting to see what they gravitated towards. It's no surprise that Morgan liked the marble-glazed bowl since Stephanie enjoys cooking. Julia chose a handwoven scarf for her weaver mom, Becky. For Bess, Jake liked the decorative ACK balls

(Bottom Left: Luke, Eoin and Jake Clarke - grandchildren of Liz Winship) 
Best of all? The fun they all had together proudly browsing, sharing and comparing gift ideas! They left the store full of smiles, with their gift-wrapped purchases in hand. All ready to gift to their deserving moms this Mother's Day, May 8th. But first, they enjoyed a well-deserved ice cream from the Soda Fountain!

(Kids of Nantucket Looms partners Bess Clarke, Becky Peraner & Stephanie Hall L-R Above: Jake Clarke, Julia Peraner,  Eoin Clarke, Suzanne Peraner, Morgan Ryder, Luke Clarke with their furry new friend on Main Street).