Ivory Handwoven Mohair Scarf

$ 175.00


Featuring our classic Nantucket Looms ivory, hue our fluffy signature scarf is the perfect cool-weather accessory. Woven in the same classic twill weave pattern since 1968 by our skilled island weavers, it makes for a thoughtful gift and treasured keepsake from the “faraway island.”

Each brushed mohair scarf we create is designed and handcrafted by our master weavers in our Main Street studio. Incredibly luxurious yet practical, mohair is naturally hypoallergenic, with exquisite luster, softness and breathability. Beautiful and purposeful. Completed with hand-knotted fringe.

12" W x 72" L

80% Brushed Mohair
20% Wool

For a thorough clean, dry clean only.

Spot clean with water and gentle detergent. Gently dab spot, do not rub.

For a simple refresh, a little time in the fresh air will breathe new life into your beloved wrap. Mohair has a natural wicking, protecting the fiber from moisture and other elements and allowing air to breathe through. Leave your throw draped on a clothesline for an afternoon and enjoy a refluffed & revived blanket.

Crafted by hand from start to finish in our Main Street weaving studio.

Our masterful artisans begin by thoughtfully selecting colors and fibers inspired by our surrounding landscape, then determine a pattern and desired weave structure for their design.

Next they wind the fiber onto bobbins then wind the loom’s warp, a meticulously calculated process that sets the path of each and every thread used. These threads are manually connected to specific harnesses and securely hand-tied to “dress the loom”. Once this stage is complete, they can begin to weave.

Countless passes of the shuttle commence, rhythmic, muted sounds of wooden pedals fill the studio and a beautiful textile begins to emerge. The handwoven process continues until the piece reaches its full length, at which point it is cut from the loom. Tassels are hand-knotted onto the ends, and a small label is hand-sewn onto the textile as the weaver’s final touch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John Murphy
Birthday Present Hit!

I was at a loss for what to get my wife of 45 years for her birthday. But after seeing a review of Nantucket Looms on Channel 5's Chronicle program I knew where to look.
The Honeydew Green Mohair Scarf was a big hit with my wife. It is a lovely color and so soft! Service was tremendous and delivery on time.

Doris Wolfe
Tortoise Scarf

It’s a beautiful scarf. Love the warm and rich colors.

Kristen Freiburger
Lady in Red

Another wonderful scarf purchase from NL. I wore the cranberry to opening night of The Nutcracker. Never mind Clara, I was the belle of the ball.

Kristen Freiburger

When I went to visit my girlfriend from college last month she had a NL throw on her guest bed. It was so cozy to cuddle with. When I returned home I hopped online and ended up buying 6 scarves for both myself and gifts. And the wrapping, so appreciated.


Nice and soft, warm, great intermingled colors. Was reminded of Nantucket Looms when seeing them on Weekends With Yankee, so I hopped on their website looking for something nice for my wife's birthday. It came very nicely wrapped, perfect for setting in a nice gift bag. Thank you!